Will JET AIRWAYS be again on Air?

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( It is finally decided that JET AIRWAYS will be on AIR in the first quarter of 2022. Means anytime between 1st January to 31 March 2022. And this decision is taken only after 17th August as predicted. Please read my post again. )

JET AIRWAYS was registered as Public Limited Company on 28 December 2004 so this date is the Date of Incorporation. The birth chart of this date has much to say about the past and future of this company.

In the company’s chart we have to consider the Mid Day time so the chart is prepared on 28.12.2004 12.41 pm Mumbai. Want to gain in Stock Market ?

Pisces Lagna is rising at 16° with Sun in Sagittarius 13° in 10th. The main negative point of this company is that it is incorporated in Vish Yoga. I have written much on Vish Yoga in Muhurta kundali. Moon and Saturn both are at 1° Cancer in 5th.

We know that in Pisces Lagna, the role of Saturn is much negative. Moon is the planet of progress, success, growth and expansion but Saturn has controlled this speed of Moon by joining him closely.

From October 2017 Saturn was moved to the 10th house of this chart and attacked the Sun. Sun is the life of the company, the soul. The prestige and the existence. Saturn spoiled the image slowly slowly and the loss was increased in 2018. Astrology Tips for Share Market

When Rahu touched Moon at 1° Cancer in November 2018 , the Company declared money crisis and the Company started searching potential investors and funds from the Banks.

On 7th March 2019 Rahu moved 12th from Moon and Ketu joined Saturn to attack Sun. The result we witnessed one by one. Chairman resigned. Salaries of staff not paid. 25% Aircrafts grounded, Indian Oil Stopped fuel and all negotiations with Banks and Investors failed.

Company finally suspended all 52 destinations Flights and declared temporary closure or shut down. The company is now on Ventilator.

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What next ? Will Jet Airways get fund ? Will the Company be survived ?

Let us see the chart again.

Jupiter, the lord of Lagna is aspecting the Lagna strongly so hopes are there. The Company started in Vish Yoga and dasha also running of Saturn Moon till 25 January 2020 so company was closed temporarily in this dasha. Then after Saturn Mars Dasha was operated but since Rahu was in 12th from Moon so no result in this dasha. Role of Plant Saturn in Occupation

Saturn Rahu dasha started from March 2021 has much hopes till January 2024. But at present dasha lord Rahu is transitting Taurus till April 2022 so to my opinion Jet Airways must get fund from Banks before April 2022. Corona Virus and Astrology Prediction

I see good current from 17th August 2021 when Sun will be in aspect of Jupiter. Some positive decision may be taken after this date. But to my view Jet Airways will be on Air only after 21 November 2021 when Jupiter will enter Aquarius again and Sun will touch Rahu Ketu axis. 2018 Yearly Horoscope Capricorn Sign – Makara Rasi

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I am sure that latest by end of April 2022 JET AIRWAYS will be again on sky. Interested investers should watch Jet Airways Share price in coming months.

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