Will my Son or Daughter be a Doctor ?

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(Today I will discuss about the medical line. Students after clearing 10th, have 2 options. Whether to opt for Science or Arts/Commerce. If Science, then whether to choose Math’s group or Biology group. Students are too much confused at this stage and parents have no clear idea what to do for their child. They seek the guidance from teachers or experts or friends but very rare go to Astrologer that what is the best academic line for their beloved smart child.)

Today we will focus on medical line as to who can be a Doctor who can go for para medical line in details. Also we will discuss whether MBBS ( Doctor ) BAMS ( Ayurvedacharya or Vaidya degree ) BHMS (Homeopath ) or BDS .

Always remember, In medical line, We have to focus on 6th house because 6th house is a store house of diseases, patients, medicines and health sector.

Astrology Rules for Medical

Now we will discuss the main conditions to go for medical line.

First of all we will know something about Venus in context of medical line. Venus is Shukracharya in mythology and Shukracharya had got such a ‘MRIT SANJIVANY VIDYA’ that He was giving new lives to all the demons who were killed in battles. Venus gives best knowlege of medicines. He can create miracles. Venus represents Dhanvantari or Ashwinikumaras. Which line to opt for after 12th?

Conditions for Medical Line

  1. Venus must be connected with Ascendant or Ascendant lord. Or Ascendant lord should be in Taurus or Libra. If not then, Venus must be in 6th house or in 12th house aspecting 6th house. Or 6th lord must be associated with Venus or in Taurus or Libra. So this way Venus connection with first or 6th house has maximum chance to become a successful Doctor (Planetary combinations for becoming a doctor) if following conditions are also present in the chart.
  2. Lord of 6th house should be either in 2nd hose (money), or in 10th house (profession or practice ) or in 4th house aspecting 10th or in 11th house (Income ) or in 8th house (aspecting 2nd house) or in 12th house (aspecting 6th house ).
  3. Lord of 6th house should be at 0 (zero) or 29 degree. This degree gives tremendous magnetic strength to the planet.
  4. Lord of 6th house is either exalted or debilited in any house.

If any ONE of the above conditions from 2 to 4 is satisfied then opt for medical line undoubtedly.

Doctor’s line is such a line that person has to dedicate maximum time to his work and he is dedicated to the society 24 hours and has to sacrify his personal family life. Saturn is the planet of service so Sun or Moon or Ascendant must be connected with Saturn. ( In most of the charts I have seen Saturn connected with Sun or Moon at very close degree and if not then Saturn is in Ascendant or 4th or 7th house.)

Vedic Yogas

Alopathy and Mars/Ketu

Mars/Ketu has connection with Alopathy and Surgery.

Moon, Venus and Saturn has connection with Ayurveda. Moon is the ruler of all AUSHADHI plants, Venus is the planet of RAS VIDYA. Saturn prefers the Old therapy with strong diet discipline.

Rahu is the planet of miracles, works at minute, subtle or microscopic level so Homeopathy is best selection for strong Rahu in Ascendant or 6th or 10th or with lord of first or 6th. Rahu is also connected with Anesthesia and Radiology.


Dentistry is connected with 2nd house so if Ascendant lord or 6th lord is in 2nd and if 2nd house is strong then DENTAL line is preferable.

One more thing I would like to mention here is that fees of MBBS line is very very high and all parents can not afford the expense in lakhs of rupees for full course of 5 years. Sometime student is very smart clever and ranker but due to bad transit or dasha at the time of 12th examination, percentage are below 80/85 so they have to opt for BDS or BAMS or BHMS or Pharmacy .

Ashwin Rawal Articles

Also demands of Dental surgeons and Physiotherapists is much more in foreign countries so those students who wish to settle abroad prefer Dental or Physiotherapy.

Mars if connected with Venus makes expert in Chemistry and Pharmacuticals so if medical line is not possible due to percentage or heavy expense, then prefer B.Pharm degree.

For last 25 years I am guiding the parents to choose the proper academic line for their kids.

We can also guide in details whether to go for Radiology, Pediatric, Skin , Ophthalmology, Anesthesia, Gynaecology, Cardiology, Orthopedic, Neurology, Nephrology etc etc.

(This post is the result of my research after 50 years journey in astrology and studying so many charts of Doctors, Surgeons, Vaidyas and Homeopaths.)

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