Will NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU be next CM after Election ?

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Shri Navjot Singh Sidhu is born on 20th October 1963 at 11.39 am Patiala Punjab.

Since Punjab election is due in February March 2022, let us study the chart of Sidhu whether he is the next CM of Punjab or not.

He is born in Sagittarius ascendant with Ketu. Sun though debilitated in 11th house but is vargottami so he is in politics.

Here sun is with Ketu in navamsha chart so sometime whole game is changed and he has to be out.

Mercury is exalted in 10th House. Venus is in Libra in 11th house and Saturn also is strong in Capricorn in 2nd house . Moon and Mars both are on the same degree in Scorpio.

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This is the reason that he is too much courageous and aggressive. He never cares for what others say.

Exalted Sun gives high post in Government whereas debilitated sun brings one into politics.

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He is running 58th year of his age from October 2020. As per BCP system of prediction, his 10th house is activated in 2021 . So he is in limelight and in the race of CM too.

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Running time is very much favouring him so he was successful to compel the CM to resign. Jupiter in Aquarius also supported him since Jupiter aspected his natal Sun’s degree.

He is running Venus mahadasha Saturn antardasha till 2023. Both are very strong so he is now the strong candidate in the race of CM. Will Ajit Pawar join BJP? Astrology Prediction – Updated

Punjab assembly election is due in February March 2022 so let us focus on his stars in February March.

He will be running 59th year of his age so 11th house will be activated in 2022. Sun and Venus both will be activated . Saturn is aspecting 11th house so Saturn will also be activated. Rahu is also aspecting 11th house so rahu will also be activated. Effect of Jupiter Transit 2020 to Capricorn

All this situation indicates that he is the very strong candidate for the CM.

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But whether really he will be elected as CM ? Let us go precisely in February March 2022 time frame.

Election may be anytime in February but result will be only in March 2022. Who will win in US election?

At that time Sun and Jupiter will be in Aquarius. Mars and Saturn will be in Capricorn. Rahu will be 1 degree Taurus in 6th house and Ketu will be exactly on Moon and Mars degree.

His progressed Sun will be in sextile to his natal Sun. And his progressed MC will be in sextile to natal Saturn.

All planets are favouring him but Ketu exactly on his natal Moon, Navjot Singh Sidhu can not be the next CM of Punjab as per my view.

Yes, looking to his stong stars in March 2022, he will be given a good position or maybe a Deputy CM but not CM.

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