Will Pakistan go to war with India?

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Indo Pak war and current planetary position.

Pakistan was declared Independent on 13th August 1947 at 23.30 hours just before 24 hours from Indian freedom. The birth chart of Pakistan has Aries Lagna.

Pakistan Birth Chart Analysis

Rahu 5° in 2nd house ( Always in financial debt ). Ketu 5° in 8th house.

Mars the fiery planet 6° in 3rd house Gemini with Moon 19° and Herschel in Rahu Star. ( Fiery Mars in Airy Sign Gemini !! This Fire and Air keeps the fire active and constant live in the Country. )

Also Mars when joins Herschel always give hostile, irritated and angry Leaders. This Mars Herschel close conjunction is responsible for Army’s control and domination. Also terrorist base. Herschel is known for explosion and bomb.

Sun 27° Saturn 20° Mercury 11° and Venus 21° in 4th house. Sun and Saturn close conjunction lost internal peace in the country.

Jupiter 25° in 7th house.

Rahu moved to Lagna and Ketu moved to 7th house in Chalit.

Now see Lord of Lagna is in 3rd house of neighbor so Pakistan’s constant energy is wasted towards neighbors.

Defeat of Pakistan in 1971

Pakistan was defeated and lost East Pakistan in December 1971 when Saturn was in Taurus over Rahu 5° and transit Ketu was near natal Saturn 20° in Cancer.

Kargil war Pakistan defeat

Again when Pakistan was defeated and lost Kargil in July 1999, Rahu was 20° in Cancer over Saturn 20° and transit Saturn 22° in Aries in square to natal Saturn.

Saturn Transit 2020

India Pakistan will go for war?

Pakistan is in War mood now and daily talking about war but I don’t see real war in coming months. War situation will start from 15 July and war is more likely in August 2020 when Mars will be in Pisces in the 4th house of Imran Khan’s birth chart in opposition to Sun Saturn who are in 10th. Also transit Sun will be in the 4th house over natal Saturn of Pakistan chart . If real war occurs then Pakistan will be in very bad shape after war.

If by any chance war is not in August 2020 then it is sure to happen in 2021 and we will discuss the exact time frame after August 2020. There will not be any nuclear war at all.

And ya some war like tense atmosphere is also there between October to December 2019 too but it will not be real war.

We are not in favour of any war but certain things are decided by Destiny and we have no command over it. We can just pray God to bless eternal peace in both the countries.

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