Will Priyanka Gandhi become the Prime Minister of India in 2029?

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As we have mentioned that Mr. Rahul Gandhi cannot become the Prime Minister of India, can Priyanka ji ever become one? Let’s discuss this today.

Priyanka Gandhi was born on January 12, 1972, at 5:05 PM at Mission Hospital in New Delhi, when Gemini was rising at 20 degrees and the tenth house was rising at 9 degrees Pisces.

Comparing Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi’s Political Prospects

According to her planetary positions, she is quite different from Rahul Gandhi. Since her Moon is placed just like Mrs. Indira Gandhi in front of Saturn, she possesses good administrative power along with a skillful and strategic personality. Her Sun is exalted and also the Atmakaraka, which gives her a very promising and hopeful future in politics. Her Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are all very strong in the Navamsa chart. Will Mr. Rahul Gandhi get relief from the High Court or the Supreme Court?

Her chart is indeed very powerful. In the upcoming days, she will become the Prime Minister of India, there is no doubt in this. RISHI SUNAK will be NEXT PM of UK

Astrological Factors Against Priyanka Gandhi’s Prime Ministerial Chances in 2024

However, now the 2024 elections are approaching, so can she become the Prime Minister of India in 2024? Let’s discuss this today. Modi ji will become Prime Minister of India again in 2024 elections

Since Saturn entered the Aquarius sign in January 2023, her pace in politics has accelerated. Her Sun’s Mahadasha (major period) has been active since March 2024, and until June 30, 2024, she is undergoing Sun’s sub-period within the Sun’s major period. Her Sun is very powerful being in its exalted state in Virgo. It is in its own constellation (nakshatra) as well. So, during the sub-period of the Sun, her influence in this election will be quite favorable. And if she manages the campaign well, she might even secure a good number of seats. Rahu is also transiting through the tenth house. Relationship Breakups or Divorce in Vedic Astrology

But in 2024, Jupiter will be in their 12th house and their tenth house isn’t providing that much support right now. So, my own belief is that the Congress party might secure good seats, but Priyankaji might not get the opportunity to become the Prime Minister in 2024. Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 7

Priyanka Gandhi’s Potential Prime Minister ship in 2029

However, yes, according to their birth chart, during the Sun’s Mahadasha (major period) when Saturn is in Aries and Rahu is positioned over the Sun in Sagittarius, the Lok Sabha elections of 2029 hold a very powerful chance for Priyankaji to become the Prime Minister of India!

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