Will Yes Bank Survive?

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Who thought that Yes Bank like international Bank will see such bad days and customers will be restricted to withdraw only 50000 despite their huge money in Yes Bank ? ‘Phone Pe’ app is also now inactive .

The whole Universe is running by planets only and what planets can do nobody can think even !!

Yes Bank had started the banking from 21 January 2004 after getting the certificate so this date is it’s Birth date. Let us look the chart.

Yes Bank Chart Analysis

(Aries Lagna is rising with close Rahu. Lagna lord Mars in 12th house. Saturn in 3rd. Jupiter in 5th. Ketu 7th. Moon Mercury in 9th. Sun in Capricorn at 10th. Venus in 11th )

Rahu in Lagna very close to Lagna point lifted this bank at international level and gave name and fame with so many rewards in past. Rahu is the planet of foreign matters. Mars the Lagna Lord also in 12th supported this bank to expand its services at international level.

The negative points of this chart is Moon Saturn opposition creates ‘Vish Yoga’. Lord of 2nd house (Capital) is in 11th house is good but sandwich between Sun and Mars is a break.

When Jupiter touched natal Ketu in Libra and Mars transited natal Sun in August 2018, first time Reserve bank found that something is going wrong. The MD and CEO Rana was given notice and his services were terminated from January 2019.

Now see Mars Dasha started from 30 January 2019. Mars is in 12th house. Huge fund was withdrawn in 2019. The bank was also on the radar of Reserve Bank.

Everything was going smooth but the moment Saturn changed to Capricorn on 24 January 2020, he attacked the natal Sun in 10th who is at 6 degree.

When Reserve bank restricted the withdrawal up to 50000 on 5th March 2020, the Saturn was at 4 degree very close to Sun 6 degree and Moon was in Gemini over Saturn that day .

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When will Yes Bank recover?

Everything is destined in this world may be for a man or may be for a bank !!

Now Mars will be in Capricorn from 22 March and will touch natal Sun. So fund will sure be given to this bank by State Bank in April 2020.

Since Saturn is over Sun and Ketu is over Moon I don’t think bank will be normal at least till September 2020. But Mars Jupiter period starts from 15 July 2020, so after this date either bank may be merged with some Bank or a new Board of Directors may be appointed by Reserve Bank and Yes Bank may be reconstructed .

Looking to the chart and Dasha I don’t think customers will lose their money kept in this Bank. Yes, they will have to wait and suffer at present and that is the destiny of the individuals.

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