Will you get a government job?

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Today we will discuss in detail about government jobs. The whole network from the President of India to the village panchayat is a government channel and getting a job anywhere is a government job. Whatever area it is, if it is in the hands of central government or state government, it is a government job.

Always remember that the government job is of peon or IAS officer, without the grace of the sun, you will get new. Every government job appointment letter has sun signature. Now in the horoscope, which position of the sun gives government job, we will consider it.

There is a total of 12 zodiac signs in the zodiac sign and any of these 12 zodiac signs can come in the lagna. In each lagna, the roll of the sun is different.

Role of Planet Sun in Government Job

Sun is high in Aries. In our Leo zodiac sign, there is Swarashi. If the zodiac sign and the nine are one, then it becomes classy. In these three situations, the sun is considered to be very strong. And the sun is considered weak in the zodiac sign of Venus and Saturn or in the new year.

Sun is the factor of 1 9th and 10th place. The factor means that in 1 and 10th place any zodiac sign or any planet is sitting, but the Sun will rule or dominate these three places.

Now in the horoscope, if the sun will be in 1 or 9th place, then the sun will always be blessed with them. In whose horoscope the sun will be in one of these three places, even if they are not in government jobs, they lose weight in the society, people give respect and respect. The stronger the sun, the more their impact will increase. If the sun will be high, swarashika or classic in these places, then he will get a high position in the government, either such people will win the election and gain power.

If the sun is in 1 9 or 10th place but it will be in the zodiac sign of Saturn or Venus or Navamansh, then the job of the clerk will be available in the government office. The Sun gives security to livelihood in these 3 locations.

Now we will think a little further. The second sense is the feeling of morning. Sun enters the east from here and the second Bhav is the place of Lakshmi, then in the second sense, the Sun also gives a government job. If the sixth rate is a job position, then even if the sun is in the 6th rate, he will give a government job. But in 6th sense, it is necessary for the sun to be strong. If it is of high, Swarashika, or friend zodiac, then only the government will give connection. Similarly, the 11th rate tells the source of income means the source of income, then the 11th sun also gives a government job. In all these expressions, as strong as the sun, the post is good.

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In Pisces, Capricorn and Kanya lagna, the sun becomes the owner of 6 8 and 12th place respectively, then it becomes inauspicious but if the sun is of low zodiac sign, it is either 0 or 29 degrees. If it is, then 100 % government gives job.

And yes, if anyone is born in a lagna, but if Lagnesh is sitting in a Leo sign, then understand that you have a relationship with the government, whether you get a government job or your business is connected with the government. In which you either fill government tenders or do the work of liason. Politics is also the area of the sun, but it is very important to have the connection of Rahu with the lagna or the sun.

Mars, Guru and Saturn have extra 2 vision, you all know this.

  • Now there should be Aries or Scorpio aspiration and in the fourth or eighth sight of Mars if there is sun
  • Be it Sagittarius or Pisces and in the fifth or Navami sight of Guru if there is sun
  • Born in Capricorn or Kumbh lagna and in the third or tenth sight of Saturn if there is sun

So you can definitely try for a government job because Laganesh has caught the sun, then you will definitely get a government job. Here the sun gets compelled.

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Sun is considered very weak in 4th sense and 7th sense. It’s okay if the sun is strong here according to the zodiac sign and the new year, otherwise there is always a worry about livelihood.

Now we will see that if there is a government job then when will we get this job? This is what we have to see after 21 transit. Saturn is the main planet of job or service, then when Saturn will come in front of the sun or moon of birth, either sun or moon will come in 10th, then there will be a change in life, responsibility will come, discipline will come and this Everything happens only by getting a job. Saturn gives the restriction of time.

So Saturn’s transit is going on for two and a half years, when the Guru is passing through 1 2 5 7 9 9 9 or 11th place, in the same year when the sun of transit was born. Sun, Mars or Saturn going from above or in front of the same month, you get appointment letter.

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