Jupiter Transit in Libra 2017 Prediction by Pt Shakti Shiromani Shukla

Jupiter (Guru) transit to Libra (Tula Rashi) on September 12, 2017 and remain in untill 11th October 2018.


Jupiter’s transit in Libra and it’s effect on different signs – An Analysis 

Jupiter will transit in Libra on September 12, 2017, 06:51 Hrs. and remain in Libra in 11th October 2018 19:20 Hrs. It will be combusted from 15th October 2017 to 5th   November 2017. Jupiter will turn as retrograde from 9th March 2018 and again become direct on 11th July 2018.

This significant celestial development is going to trigger several important astrological changes in the lives of people. Everyone is likely to be get impacted by this astrological transition, it depends on native’s Moon Sign to which he or she belongs.

Libra is ruled by the Venus. Venus is a very important planet in the and it holds a lot of importance in Vedic Astrology. Venus represents pleasure of married life, wealth, education and luck. As these significantly determine human destiny, it only reaffirms the importance of Venus in our daily lives.

Everyone is curious to know how Jupiter will influence the major areas of life like career, business, finance, marriage, children, and love?

2017 Jupiter transit aspects impact
Effects of Jupiter Transit 2017 Aspects

From Libra sign, Jupiter aspects 1st (Aries), 3rd (Gemini), and 11th (Aquarius) sign of the Zodiac house.

We can see that there are these 3 planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu – Ketu affecting the same bhavas and Sani (Saturn) transit and Rahu – Ketu transit also will happen. So the effect can be quite intense. Let us analyze even this in detail for each Rasi, so we can know what to expect.

Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Aries

Jupiter will transit through the seventh house from your natal moon position it does not give good indications for pleasure relationships with your partner. This may be your life partner or business partner or both. You should keep communication with them. However, the associative influence of Jupiter will work well in preserving peace and happiness in relationships. You should raise the level of compatibility to maintain harmony in the meaningful and close relationship.

In regard to differences if any in the relationship, you should try for resolving the same cordially. This time will be good for self-growth. Jupiter will not contribute anything to enhance your financial growth. Your social circle will be expanded here. Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Aries Zodiac Sign

Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Taurus

Jupiter will transit through the sixth house from this sign. It will aspect on the 12th and the second house from Taurus. It’s Influence over the second house, indicates an increase in the inflow of money for you. You may also incline to increase provision for the family. There is a possibility of expenses some ceremony religious in your family or some other ways expenses may occur. Individuals who do the job will feel happy with future growth prospects.

Jupiter will transit in the sixth house also influences the tenth house, linked with profession/karma. Businessmen can expect the good increase in sales. The good time will be there to expand your business into new geographical territories. Health wise it seems to be good.  Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Taurus Zodiac Sign

Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Gemini

Transit of Jupiter will be in the fifth house of this sign and it will be most beneficial for natives of Gemini sign. You will have a pleasant and enjoyable time in personal life. Your social reputation will also be an increase during next thirteen months. The money will come to you with a little bit effort from your part. There will be the strong possibility of financial gains through speculation oriented activities.

If married, the native is to receive favour from in laws by cash or any other kind. Your life partner will be very much responsive to your needs and respond to your casual gesture. Marital life is looking very much enjoyed here. You need to take care of growth and well-being of the child. Newly married couple and other also eager to raise the family by having a child will receive the blessing of lenient Jupiter. It is will be a win-win situation for the native. Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Gemini Zodiac Sign

 Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Cancer

Jupiter will transit in the fourth house for natives of this sign. Jupiter rules the sixth and ninth house from your sign. Viewing this, you should be careful towards your health and enemies, your luck will be with you in getting a better position in your pursuit. Your efforts will receive appreciation if you are in politics or dealing with the public, you may get benefited.

However, Jupiter is not going to give you major benefit in enhancing your financial prospects. Your personal household expenses will increase and be saving will not be much more. Businessmen will crack some good and profitable deals which were taking rest. Salaried individuals will need to put some extra effort to keep their position secure. Refrain from lending money to relative otherwise, you may lose money. You may also have some expenses related to function in your family. Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Leo

Jupiter will transit in the third house for Leo sign’s natives. The third house represents siblings, short travel, and spiritual messages. Natives of Leo sign may need to provide materialistic assistance to the younger sibling and help them to rise in their career. Businessman and professional guys will get encouraging results from short term travels. They are likely to meet influential people here.

Developing a relationship with them is to work well in enhancing their prospects in general. Jupiter will give direct aspect on the ninth house. It means positive vibes from Jupiter is to prompt lady luck to favour them. Cohesive vibes of Jupiter is to help in keeping their folks together. Peace and harmony are to be preserved in confirmed kind of relationship and also a relationship in general. The single one enjoys pleasures of physical intimacy with targeted person of opposite sex. Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Leo Zodiac Sign

Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Virgo

Jupiter will now move through the second house, represents finance and family among other things. Natives of this sign may see an increase in family and domestic expenses during Jupiter’s transit in Virgo sign. Handsome monetary gains may also possible for you. The health of spouse may matter of concern. This time will be good for making and saving wealth.

Good time for a businessman to go for expansion. They may get very good opportunity to crack a big-ticket size deal. Job holder may get golden opportunity to get promoted with excellent enhancement in salary.  Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Virgo Zodiac Sign

Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Libra

Jupiter will transit over the natal Moon here. Jupiter is not in charge of any auspicious house of this sign. However, Jupiter’s transiting through this sign is a notable event. It seems a good time for self-growth, developing a meaningful relationship. Transit of Jupiter in Libra sign is very good for single to get married. Married one will feel happy and contended in marital life. Married couple who are eager to have a child will get blessings of Jupiter moving through their sign.

Students will make satisfactory progress. They may get some opportunities which will give the new direction to their career.  Parents of school going child are to feel satisfied with the academic progress of their child. Influence of Jupiter over the ninth house will show encouraging results in enhancing their prospects. Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Libra Zodiac Sign

 Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Scorpio

Twelfth house transit of Jupiter will not give good results for the navies of Scorpio sign regarding their financial growth. Be careful in taking important decisions related to financial involvement during transit of Jupiter in this sign. Try to avoid speculation related activities.  The single one will have to strong urge to enjoying pleasures of physical intimacy with their partners. They will be enjoying the act to fullest. 

Students may not be able to concentrate on their study they will face distractions from all around. In turn, students will not make desired progress. Married person will have an enjoyable time in marital life. Family related expenses are likely to increase. Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Sagittarius

Jupiter will transit on the eleventh house for Sagittarius sign. Lord of Sagittarius sign is Jupiter itself. The eleventh house indicates gains, relationships and about the fulfillment of wishes. Here Jupiter will also facilitate the opportunity to monetary benefits. But, benefits of Jupiter may be slow or you may get some loss during retrogression of it.

On the other words, things may be adverse for you. When Jupiter will become again direct in motion things will change again. So, you will have to be extra careful during retrogression period of Jupiter. Native will have an enjoyable time with dear ones in the relationship. Married couple will resolve their differences with the partner. Parents of school going child will be satisfied with the academic progress of their child. This will also be a good time for couples who are planning a baby.  Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Capricorn

Jupiter will give mixed results for natives of Capricorn sign. It will be transiting on the tenth house and will give aspect on the second, fourth and sixth house. It shows you will be in the strong position from financial prospects. Native will have assured inflow of money and it will increase.

Salaries people may expect promotion with salary hike. But along with these all, you may be suffered by health issues. This is because of Jupiter’s aspect on the sixth house but it will also cure because Jupiter is a supreme healer. There is a possibility of the arrival of new member in a family. Harmony and sense of belonging among family members will be maintained.  Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

 Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Aquarius

Jupiter is lord of the second and eleventh house for Aquarius sign, and it will transit on the ninth house. Natal Moon will remain under the benevolent influence of transiting Jupiter. This will create the way for self-growth. Native’s social circle will also be expanded and he will gain from his contacts. You may meet some influential persons on any occasion during next year and it will enhance you your prospects.

The student will things quickly without much hard work and will gain sharp memory. Over all, they will do satisfactory progress. Married couples keen to have a child will get support from auspicious Jupiter. Natives of Aquarius sign will have to remain quite loyal in the relationship with his partner. Single guys will have an enjoyable time with newly found love.  Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

 Jupiter’s Transit 2017 for Pisces

Jupiter is lord of this sign and is also another sign(Sagittarius) which is placed in the tenth house. Jupiter will transit on the eighth house from your sign. It will have aspect on the twelfth, second and fourth house for the native of Pisces sign. Influence of Jupiter over the twelfth house will increase expenses on some ceremonies or function at the same time it will secure your financial interests.

Over all, Jupiter will help you to manage expenses comfortably. There will be some opportunities for you to have your own home if you are living in a rented house and if you have your own home you may get a new one. You will save your hard-earned money satisfactorily.

The businessman will be happy on getting repeat orders from their customers Native will have a pleasant enjoyable time with family. But Jupiter will not be very supportive to conceive a child. Try to avoid owe debt during transit of Jupiter in the eighth house.  Click here to read Jupiter Transit Report 2017 detailed prediction for Pisces Zodiac Sign

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