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Inauspiscious vara / tithi yogas

Muhurats : Inauspiscious vara / tithi yogas Krakacha “saw” Yoga: The 6th Tithi, etc. in order falling on Saturn’s Vara, etc. in reverse order forms Krakacha Yoga, which is perhaps the worst of the Vara/Tithi Yogas. Dagdha “burnt” Yoga: The…


Muhurats : Auspiscious vara / tithi yogas Siddha “accomplished” Yoga: Nanda Tithis on Venus’ Vara; Bhadra Tithis on Mercury’s Vara; Jaya Tithis on Mars’ Vara; Rikta Tithis on Saturn’s Vara; and Purna Tithis on Jupiter’s Vara constitute…
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