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Vedic Astrology Marriage Compatibility Analysis

Vedic Astrology and Love Marriage

LIFE WITHOUT LOVE IS LIKE A TREE WITHOUT BLOSSOM AND FRUIT. – KAHLIL GIBRAN Kahlil Gibran rightly states, the relationship between our life and love. Love is divine and higher form of spirituality. It is also said that Love is God, and God…


Reasons and Remedies for Delayed marriage in Astrology: “PRAKRITIM PURUSHAM CHAIV VID-DHYANADI UBHAV-API, VIKAARAANSCH GUNAANSCHAIV VID-DHI PRAKRITI-SAMBHAVAN” ~ GITA – CHAPTER 13, VERSE 20 Prakriti is Shakti, Purusha is Shaktimaan. Without…
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