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Is Late- Marriage is Man Made?


Marriage is a great problem to many. Many marriages are happened only in later stage and parents are worrying for the marriages not taking place in time. There are many reasons are accountable for the late marriage like:- Mars Dosha, Planets disposition,Pitru Dosha, Kalatra Dosha,Guru Dosha, Sukra Dosha and Mangalya Dosha. Let us see what is what?.

reason for late marriage in vedic astrology
reason for late marriage in vedic astrology

Introduction:- Introduction :In Vedic tradition some kinds of holiness is imported to marriage and treated as a sacred one and made an instrument to setting up a new family and move in the righteous path. The vedic rituals are being done by male and female and it cannot be done by male or female alone. Thus sage Manu in his Manusmrithi explains that in any kind of socioreligious performance, one is deemed to be complete without
presence of his counterpart. Here some doshas or bad combinations of planets makes marriage a hurdle . Let us see the various doshas and its impact.

Mars Dosha:- Mars is playing an important role in shaping marriage. For chasing the suitable horoscopes for Mars Dosha Jathakams involve volume of time. One must take the potentiality of Moon, Venus, 7th Bhava, and the planets deposited in the 7th Bhava. Besides that generally the prospects of 4, 5 and 9the houses must be examined particularly. If Mars is in 2,4,7,8 and 12 houses in the horoscope for any ascendant, it is called Mars Dosha. Mars Dosha bride must be settled for Mars bride-groom. This will consume volume of time for the marriage. So marriage will be delayed one.

Planet’s Position:- The strength of the Ascendant, deposit of Moon, fertility of Venus, structure of 7th house and the lord of 7th house and the aspect of malefic and benefic planets to the 7th house must be taken in to consideration for the speedy marriage. The above aspects are not in proper position, the marriage will be in late. If Moon and Saturn are in Punarpoo in nature in the 7th place, then marriage will be late. If he lord of the 7th place is will debilitation and too in Malefic sign or in 6, 8, 12 places, the marriage will be delayed.

Pithru Dosha:- If the Sun is in the 2nd place or in the 7th place in the horoscope as per the ascendant or as per the Chandra lagna, the Pithir Dosha is effected for the marriage, According to this dosha, marriage will not be happened quickly and it may be delayed. Father will be having the habit of picking holes and postponing the marriage telling some defects in every bride-groom or bride. Thus he may be a cause for the delay. For remedy he
should not interfere in the marriage matter. Otherwise he may go to the Sun temple and pray the Almighty for the removal of obstacles in the way of marriage by doing some parikarams.

Kalathira dosha:- If the Venus is in the 7th place, it is kalathira dosha. According to the Jothidasastra rules “karako Bhava Nasti” Karakan should not be in its sthanam. The fertility of the 7th place is affected. So marriage may be delayed. If the Venus and Mars are together in the  alathirasthanam marriage aspect will be spoiled and marriage may be delayed by having illegal connection with other ladies. If the lord of 7th place is in debilitation
nature or debilitated planets should not be in the 7th place. This is also the reason for the delay. Saturn should not be exalted or in the own house in the 7th place, for Cancer and Leo ascendants.

For Gemini and Virgo ascendants, Jupiter should not be exalted or in the own house in the 7the place. For above said ascendants, delayed marriage is the chance for them. For Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants, Mercury should not be exalted or in the own house in the 7the place in horoscope. The lord of 7th place should not be in 6, 8 and 12 houses. This also delays the quick marriage. The lord of 6, 8, and 12 houses should not be in the 7th
house. This also leads to late marriage.

Venus Dosha :- If Venus is debilitation in the horoscope, the native can not enjoy and can not satisfy the other sex. Naturally they have less interest in marriage. This is one of the reasons for the late marriage.

Jupiter Dosha :- If the Jupiter is in debilitation in the horoscope, the fertility of sperm is in question. There is remote chance for children and if the children are available, they will be separated from the parents.

Mangalya Dosha :-  Mangalyasthanam is a holy places for ladies. 8th place is mangalysthanam as per ascendant or as per rasi. Mars is the karakan for the mangalam. According to the rule “Karako Bhava Nasti”, Mars should not be in the mangalyasthanam. If Mars is in the 8th place the fertility of Mangalyam will be reduced and so late marriage is for the native.The above said Doshas may be the reason for the late marriage.

See the details in the given horoscope for late marriage:-

Name :  Sri
Father’s Name : Sri
Mother’s Name : Smt
Date of Birth : 14/08/1948 Saturday
Tamil Date : Sarvathari Aadi 30
Time of Birth : 06:33:00 AM (GMT 01:03:00 AM)
Sidereal Time : 03:45:15
Ayanamsa : 23:08:12 (Lahiri)
Sun Rise : 06:09:41: AM (Disk Centre)
Sun Set : 06:33:49 PM (Disk Centre)
Time Correction : Standard Time (No Correction)
Place of Birth : Salem T.N. India
Latitude : 11:39 N
Longitude : 078:12 E
Janma Nakshatra : Jyesta Padam 3
Janma Rasi : Scorpio
Janma Lagna : Leo
Thithi : (Sula) Dasami
Yogam : Vythiruthi
Karana : Karasai
Ayana : Dakshinayanam
Time Zone : 05.30 E.I.S.T
Udhayathi Naligai : 00 Naligai 58 Vinaligai 18 Tharparai

14/08/1948 Saturday Drik Planetary Positions (Nirayana)

Vedic Astrology lessons
Vedic Astrology lessons
Vedic Astrology lessons
Vedic Astrology lessons

Changes in Bhava : Sun (Leo) Moon (Sagittarius) Mars (Libra) Jupiter (Sagittarius)

Dasa Balance at Birth : Mercury 6 year 11 month 28 Day.

The native is hailing from a respectable family. He has more brothers and sisters. He got education somewhat in the early age. From beginning itself, he associated with the ancestors and he surrendered to render the service to yield in the field of business.

According to birth time calculation, Mercury Dasa balance at the time of birth is 6 years 9 months and 29 days. Mercury dasa was immediately followed by 7 years Ketu dasa period. Then 20 years Venus dasa period started.

Mercury dasa and Ketu dasa periods passed away during the early periods in life. Big Venus dasa period started and it continued for the last 20 years.

In General, as per the astrological aspects, the planet Venus is considered as Kalathirakarakan and kalyanakarakan which is conducive and inductive for marriage matters. It lays strong basement and foundation for marriage. So one must take the potentiality of the Venus in horoscope and thus one may able to arrive conclusion about the prospects of marriage.

In chart cited above, the Venus, the lord of 3rd and 10th house is in the star of Arudra 4 pada in Gemini. The above said star Arudura denotes planet Rahu and that Rahu is stationed in Aries which is entitled to give merits and demerits of Venus. Rahu, thus, the agent of Venus is in the 9th place. The 9th place is padagasthanams for Sthira Lagna Leo, the native Ascendant. According to the rules, the planets in the 9th house and the Lord of the 9th house does not give benefic results. So the planet Rahu which represents the power of Venus, can not give good results, for prosperous happy marry life. It gives only malefic results because of its occupation of the patagasthanam. Moreover there is not touch in any way with 7th house during this period. So marriage was not present to the native in Venus period also.

Sun dasa followed the Venus dasa period. It is important to analyse the prospects of Sun since it is the Lord of the Ascendant. In horoscope chart, Sun is in the 12th house and even though it is in 12th house, it is in the Ascendant in the Bhava and so it is entitled to give benefic results of the ascendant. During the Sun period, business reached maximum level. The native reached the peak in his achievements. Totally, the Sun period gave glory in life just like Sun rays remove all the darkness. So that it have enormous wealth. The sun is in the Star of Aslesha which represents 2nd house and 11th house but the same dasa period failed to create life partner since the Sun is in the 12th house from 2nd house.

In Mooon dasa, the Moon is debilitation in nature and so it did not give fruitful results. It created many unsolved problems and gave torture not only to the body but also to the mind.

In Mars dasa, the planet Mars is in the 2nd house and it is in his own star chittra and made some what good regarding marriage. Moreover n Gocharam at that time Saturn and Jupiter were at Aries and Jupiter aspected the 5th house of the native. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at Aries removed obstacles in the way of marriage. Even though the planet Jupiter is in Scorpio in Rasi Chakkram it is in Sagittarius in Bhava and moreover it is in the star of Jyesta which is for Mercury planet which owns Virgo, the family sthanam. So in Mars dasa period in Jupiter Bukthi
marriage was arranged suddenly.

Kalathikaraka Venus must be strong in good place. In this horoscope, Saturn is in Leo. The Sun is the owner of the house. Actually Sun and Saturn are enemy planets each other. Here the Saturn loses its own power. Moreover it is the owner of the 7th house which gives marriage aspects. Besides that Saturn is slow planet. So it gives effect only in later stage. So it is come to know that the Lord of 7th place should not be weak in Horoscope. Family-
sthanthipathi is Mercury. But it is in 12th house from its own house. So the Lord of 2nd house should station auspicious sign.

Conclusion:- In this articles the various cause for delay in marriage and how the doshas work with marriage are given in details. In the given data even born in the dasa of Budha, in the dasa of sukra,surya and Chandra the marriage did not happen. But in Mars dasa, the planet Mars is in the 2nd house and it is in his own star chittra and made somewhat good regarding marriage. Moreover n Gocharam at that time Saturn and Jupiter were at Aries and Jupiter aspected the 5th house of the native. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at Aries removed obstacles in the way of marriage. Even though the planet Jupiter is in Scorpio in Rasi Chakkram it is in Sagittarius in Bhava and moreover it is the star of Jyesta which is for Mercury planet which owns Virgo, the family sthanam. So in Mars dasa period in Jupiter Bukthi marriage was arranged suddenly. Hence the astrologer has to
see various details regarding the position of planets, the dasa, bukthi etc.. while calculating the time of marriage.



S.Murugesan  (Reseacrh Scholar Astrology, Postal Address, Dept. Sanskrit &Astrovedic Studies, PRIST University, Thanjavur 613403.)


Source: The Global Journals


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