Panchang, Panchangam : 

Panchang is a Hindu lunar calendar. Panchangam in sanskrit means “five attributes”.

They are Tithi – The lunar day , the angular relationship between Sun and Moon ( True Moon minus True Sun). One Tithi equals 12 degree difference between Moon and Sun.

Nakshatra – The constellation the moon is aligned with, that is, the stellar mansion in which Moon is located for an observer on Earth. One Nakshatra equals 13 degrees:20 minutes. There are 27 Nakshatra in 360 degrees.

Yoga – EM of the angular relationship between Sun and Moon( True Moon plus True Sun). One Yoga equals 13 degrees:20 minutes. There are 27 Yogas in 360 degrees.

Karana – EM of half of a Tithi. One Kara?a equals 6 degree difference between Moon and Sun.

Vara or Vasara – The Solar weekday.

Auspicious Yoga & Muhurat in Panchang

Auspicious Yoga & Muhurat in Vedic Astrology

Choosing Auspicious Time in Daily Panchangam

Auspicious Date and Time for Medicine

Auspicious Date and Time for Surgery or Medical Treatment

Muhurats : Auspiscious vara / tithi yogas

Muhurats : InAuspiscious vara / tithi yogas

Muhurats  : Auspiscious Vara / Nakshatra Yogas

Muhurats : Inauspiscious Tithi / Nakshatra Yogas

Auspicious Muhurats for Ear Piercing

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Tamil Panchang

Tamil Month – Tamil Matham

Tamil Nakshathram List

Tamil Yoga Names List

Tamil Karana Names

Tamil Tithi Names List

Tamil Zodiac Names |Tamil Rashi Names

Tamil Anandadi Yoga Names

Tamil Samvatsara Names List

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