Divisions of zodiac signs – Part 2

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Divisions of zodiac signs 

Divisions of zodiac signs: 11.If the benefic planets be endowed with strength in the Shadvargas, the native will be wealthy and longlived. If the Ascendant falls in the Krura amsas in the Shadvargas, the native will be shortlived, poor and of wicked disposition but if the lord of Amsas in which the Ascendant falls, be strong, the person concerned will become a king (a person with a high status political or administrative).

If the lord of the Navamsa of the Ascendant be strong, the native will be lull of happiness. If the lord of the Drekkana of the Ascendant be strong, the person concerned will achieve the status like that of a king. If the lord of the Ascendant itself be strong, the native will become the ruler of the Earth and will enjoy good fortune.

12. If in any nativity, malefics being in odd zodiac signs fall In the Sun’s Hora (first 15 degrees), the native will be cruel strong and wealthy. Opposite to this, if the benefics being In even zodiac signs occupy the Moon’s Hora (first 15 degrees), the native will be lustrous, humble, soft-spoken, graceful and fortunate. If it be otherwise, the results will also be of the same nature. If the dispositions be of mixed nature, the results may be expected accordingly.

If in any nativity, the Ascendant and the Moon be both strong and the lords of the Ascendant and the Moon’s sign be also equally strong, the native will be long-lived, happy and renowned.

13. The appearances of the Drekkanas are as under The last Drekkanas or decanats of Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini, the first decanates of Sagittarius and Aries and second ones of Virgo and Gemini are called Ayudha Drekkanas or ‘armed’ decanates. The second decanate of Scorpio is called ‘Pasa’  (noose). The first decanate of Capricorn is called ‘Nigala’. The first decanates of Leo and Aquarius and second one of Libra are vulture faced. The first decanate of Taurus is like a ‘Pakshi’ (bird) and the first decanate of Cancer has a face like a pig.

14. The first decanate of Scorpio and third ones of Cancer and Pisces are called Serpent decanates. The second decanates of Aries and Taurus, the first of Leo and last of Scorpio are named as quadruped decanates. The persons born when these decanates are rising will be poor, cruel and unscrupulous.In a dual zodiac sign, the three decanates in their order will be Adhama (bad), Madhyama (moderate) and Uttama (good). In the case of a moveable zodiac sign, the order is reversed, that is, the first will be Uttama and the second madhyama and the last Adhama. In a fixed zodiac sign the order will be Adhama, Uttama and Madhyama. The effects will be in accordance with the names of the decanates.

15. If the lord of the Lagna Drekkana be in his own varga, be associated with a benefic or be in his zodiac sign of exaltation or friendly house; if the rising Trimsamsa, Dwadasamsa or Hora endowed with strength be in a similar position, the native will be gifted with all noble qualities, will be pure, clever, longlived sympathetic and wealthy, will be blessed with children, will be widely renowned and will enjoy royal comforts.

16. Note the Rasi of Mandi at birth and also where the lord of that Rasi is posited. The Ascendant at birth will be in a house 5th or 9th to that of the aforesaid lord or one triangular to the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the Rasi representing the Navamsa occupied by the Mandi. It may be triangular to the Navamsa Rasi occupied by Gulika. But if the Moon be strong, the Ascendant should be ascertained similarly through the Moon and not through Mandi.

17. The person concerned will be gifted with attractive appearance and good qualities, if the Moon be in his own Drekkana or a friend’s decanate. If the Moon has attained an Uttama varga, the native will be fortunate. If she is posited elsewhere, the native will be endowed with qualities belonging to the planet who is the lord of the Moon’s sign. Planets that are in their own Trimsamsa will do all that has ascribed to them as Karakas.

The native will be wealthy like a king if there be at least one planet in his own exaltation house aspected by or associated with a friendly planet.

18-19. A planet is called Pradeepta (blazing) when he is in his zodiac sign of exaltation. He is Sukhita (happy) when he is in Moolatrikona Rasi. He is called Swastha (healthy) when he is in his own zodiac sign. He is Mudita (delighted) in a friendly house. He is Shanta (calm) when he has attained the varga of a benefic planet. He is Shakta (capable) when he shines brightly (not combust by being near the Sun). A planet is Vikala (distressed) when he is combust. He is Nlpidita (troubled-tortured) when he is overcome in the planetary war by another planet. He is Khala (base) when he is in the varga of a malefic. He is Sudukhit (exceedingly unhappy), he is Atibheeta (very afraid) when he is in his zodiac sign of debilitation.

20. The planet in Pradeepta Avastha gives good effects In full. They will be nil when he is In Vikala Avastha. In the intervening Avasthas the auspicious effects will be decreasing proportionately and the inauspicious effects will correspondingly increase. The Avasthas of the planet will determine the effects according to the names given to them.

The good or bad effects in various Avasthas are approximately as given below: —

Pradeepta — 100 per cent good. Sukhita — 80 per cent good. Swastha — 75 per cent good. Mudita — 60 per cent good. Shanto — 50 per cent good. Shakta — 40 per cent good. Nipidita—40 per cent bad. Khata—50 per cent bad. Sudukhito— 60 per cent bad. Attbheeta—75 per cent bad. Vikala—100 per cent bad.

The planets in good avasthas yield favourable effects in their Dasas and Antardasas. The reverse is the case with planets in adverse avasthas.


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