Divorce and Separation in Vedic Astrology

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Divorce (Matrimony) in Astrology

We all want to be happily married and want a good partner in life, but this may not happen with everyone. Nowadays there are many people who suffer from this tragedy which nobody wants. What are the cause of divorce, what could be the reasons for this situation astrologically. . If we look generally what can be the reason for divorce in marriage.

  1. Disharmony in relationship, conflicting nature, no agreement, fighting with each other.
  2. Flirting nature of husband or wife.
  3. Living distantly due to work or any other reason and getting involved with another person.
  4. Extramarital affair of anyone.
  5. Loss of interest in each other with time.
7th house represent marriage house. Any affliction to 7th house makes married life difficult  and in severe cases leads to divorce. There are  many combinations of planets which causes  divorce as only one planet damaged can not give divorced. Saturn is the biggest reason for divorce in astrology . Saturn is the planet of teaching about life. It wants us to teach a lesson where it sits, if it is sitting in 7th house it means he wants the person to mature about relationship things. It always want a person to marry late, but if the person marry early it end up in divorce no matter whether Venus or Jupiter is sitting with Saturn.

The people who have Saturn energy in their 7th house should marry late around 28 or 30 years of age. 

The other reason for divorce is planet Mars. Mars is the individualistic planet, it always fight for its rights. But when we are in relationship, individualism does not sound good. Mars in 7th house brings lot argument with partner which cause divorce. But it should be in certain signs. It is called manglik dosha in astrology.

Another reason is planet Sun in the 7th house. Sun is the planet of ego and pride, it bring the partner who is very egoistic. Due to egoistic nature of the partner there is lot of disharmony in relationship therefore ego can also leads to the divorce if the person is not mature.

Venus is the planet of marriage and relationship. Venus debilitated in 7th house, Venus is hemmed between the malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu or Saturn and Mars it could also lead to the divorce. Debilitated Venus in 7th house put lot of criticism to partner which leads to divorce.

There are other combinations also like if the partner is not loyal or flirt. Rahu in the seventh housemakes person to like many partners it may also be a reason for the divorce until any benefic planet sitting with it.

Ketu in the 7th house makes person not interested in marriage and if they marry they may end up in divorce, but if any benefic planet influence Ketu it may change the result.

7th house lord sitting in 6th or 12th house makes person marry a person who may sick or away due to some work or any other reason also cause divorce.

The above explanations should be in combination then a divorce can happen.

e.g if someone have Virgo ascendant, Sun in 7th house, Venus surrounded by malefic planets like Mars Saturn and Ketu can give divorced.

There are many reasons which can cause divorce. We should always check D-9 chart before concluding the analysis.

If we can understand which energies within us makes us take divorce we can prevent it. Astrology is a way to help people understand them better and live life happily.
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