Inspection of Birth Chart Through Ashtakavarga

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Inspection of Birth Chart Through Ashtakavarga

Inspection of Birth Chart Through Ashtakavarga : There are various yogas and principles in astrology used to make predictions. All the factors and aspects of astrological studies are taken into consideration when determining the results. Similarly, the study of ashtakavarga is also important while analyzing the birth chart. The principles of ashtakavarga should be well studied when analyzing a horoscope.

First of all the number of bindu and the position of the planet is analyzed. If the planet has 5 or more bindus in bhinashtak and 28 or more bindus in sarvashtak, then it is considered superior. But, the analyzer should follow the principles of parashar astrology as well, in collaboration with ashtakavarga principles to determine the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the planet. if the planet is in its debilitated state, then it will not give good results.

When the planet attains 4 or less points and is situated in the debilitated sign, then also it fails to give good results. Also, when the planet is situated in its debilitated or enemy sign, it doesn’t give much good results to the native. Let’s take a look at the reasons.

First of all the dasha and antardasha of the planer is taken into consideration along with the transiting period. The transit period of planets plays an important role in ashtakvarga analysis. .

Let’s talk about Saturn’s transit. For instance: Saturn is transiting through a sign where the Sun in its bhinashtak position is not giving any bindu. In this situation, the planet will become the reason for illness, close to death experience, or any kind of fatal incident.

Also, if in the birth chart the ninth rashi from the rashi in which the Sun is located, both has 0 bindu then the time in which the Saturn will transit  will give problems to the native’s father in terms of health. Moreover, if the dasha of the planet is not favourable in this phase then it can even lead to death or close to death experience.

The conditions for other planets in the kundali are also similar. The analysis of all the other planets are also done through Sun only. It is not necessary that Ashtakvarga is only used to analyse the inauspicious aspects of a horoscope. It can be used to analyse any field of life. For instance: the native gets good fruits  during the transit of Jupiter. Questions related to marriage, job, business, etc, can all be answered by the analysis of horoscope through ashtakavarga.

According to Ashtakvarga, the level of auspicious results from a planet is directly related to the number of bindus around it. For instance: if there are 5 bindus near the lord of twelfth house in a horoscope, then the rashi in which the lord of the twelfth house is situated will make the native wealthy.

In the conclusion, it can be said that according to a basic principle of ashtakavarga, a planet in its exalted sign or in its own sign may not give good results unless it meets the required number of bindus in its bhinashtak.

Planets with 0 to 3 bindus are considered weak.

Planets with 4 bindus are neutral.

Planets with 5 or more bindus are said to be strong and give highly auspicious results.

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