Planetary Colors and Gemstones – Vedic Astrology

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Planetary Colors and Gemstones:

Planetary Colors and Gemstones - Vedic Astrology
Planetary Colors and Gemstones – Vedic Astrology

The Sun rules pink, golden and orange colors. Mercury rules the grass and dark green color. The Moon rules silver besides the white. Mars rules burning red. Jupiter rules yellow. Venus rules variegated colors – bright and shining, and also rules royal blue -the color of luxurious festivities. Venus rules white (speckless), royal blue, and variegated colors. The colors should be deep and bright. Saturn rules black, connected with gloominess, and its mixture with red gives brown, and its mixture with blue gives navy blue, or (blackish blue). Note: In Systems’ Approach, the color purple belongs to Rahu. *Additionally, where the Sun is favorable, golden color can be used, while where the Moon is favorable, silver color can be used.  Where these planet are unfavorable, these colors should also be avoided. Also, most of the athletes and fitness enthusiasts are activated by Rahu which represents the grey color. The grey color also has many shades. Somewhat good impact may come from deep and bright grey. Main Gemstone indicated by bold print – Substitutes follow.

  • Sun – Ruby,  corundam, carnelian, red-garnet, pink jade, pink tourmaline
  • Moon – Pearl, moon stone, white zircon
  • Mars – Red Coral, red tourmaline, red zircon, red amber, deep red garnet and blood stone
  • Mercury – Emerald, alexandrite, beryl,  green jade, onyx, green zircon
  • Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire, topaz, chrysoberyl, yellow  jade, perth, yellow quartz and yellow amber
  • Venus – Diamond, aquamarine, blue jade, lapis lazuli, opal, turquoise.
  • Saturn – Blue Sapphire, amethyst, sardonic, deep blue zircon
  • Appropriate Finger Placements for Gems
  • Sun and Mars – Ring Finger
  • Jupiter – Index finger
  • Saturn – Middle Finger
  • Mercury and Moon – Little Finger
  • Venus – Depending upon functional nature of Saturn or Sun – any of the fingers pertaining to these planets can be used.
  • Stones are to be worn in an auspiciously elected time only, and not on the days of the planets.
  • As metals are also represented by planets, excessive use of metals on the body should be avoided. Stones need little amount of metal for being set in, and can be set in any of the metals.  Source: jupitersweb

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