Definitions and Characteristic of the Planets – Part 4

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30-32. The substances assigned to the planets from the Sun to Saturn, articles of their apparel and their tastes are as follows. The clothes will be of the same color as belongs to the planets.

Planet                Substances          Colors of apparel                 Tastes

Sun                   Copper                 Saffron colored                   Pungent

Moon                bell-metal            White colored                     Saltish

Mars                  Copper                 Red                                    Bitter

Mercury            Ore                       Green                                 Mixed

Jupiter              Cold                      Yellow                               Sweet

Venus               Silver                     White                               Sour

Saturn               Iron                       Black (old)                       Astringent

The clothes of Mars are slightly burnt and those of Saturn are like a rag (old and worn out).

Planets            Side on which the           Ages

                       mark will be found

Sun                Right side                       50 years

Moon             Left side                          70 years

Mars              Right side                       16 years

Mercury         Right side                        20 years

Jupiter            Right side                        30 years

Venus            Left side                          7 years

Saturn            Left side                            100 years

Rahu is also to represent the age of 100 years.

Notes — The above information is generally useful in queries.

33. Rahu is blue colored. He has a huge body. He is of a low caste. He has got skin disease. He is irreligious. He suffers from hic-cough. He speaks falsehood. He is cunning, a leper devoid of Intelligence and defames others.

34. The eyes of Ketu are reddish with a fierce look. He has a venomous tongue. His body is elevated. He wears arms and is an outcaste. His body is of smoky color. He is always inhaling smoke (smoking). He has a body marked with bruises. He is lean and brutal by nature.

35. The substance assigned to Rahu is lead and his clothes are old and worn out. An earthen pot and garments of variegated colors belong to Ketu. Mercury, Saturn and Venus are the friends of Rahu and Ketu. Mars is neutral to them. The rest are enemies.

36. The planets should be considered adversely disposed, if they are eclipsed (by the rays of the Sun), debilitated (be in a sign of debilitation or Navamsa), if they are in any enemy’s house or if they occupy the 6th, 8th or the 12th house from the Ascendant. If they occupy other places, they are said to be well disposed.

If there be a query whether the water in a reservoir (or in an irrigation project) will increase or decrease, increase in water should be predicted if the Moon be in the 12th 11th, 1st, 6th. 5th or the 7th house at the time of the query. Notes — The Moon is said to be eclipsed if she is 12° away from the Sun.

Mars is eclipsed when he is 17° away from the Sun. Mercury in direct motion is eclipsed when he is 14° away from the Sun. Retrograde Mercury is eclipsed when he is 12° away form the Sun. Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are said to be eclipsed if they are 11°, 10° and 15° respectively away from the Sun. A retrograde Venus is eclipsed if he is 8° away from the Sun.

37. The various kinds of trees and plants signified by the different planets are as follows :—

Sun – Strong and tall, Moon and Venus – Creeping plants, Rahu and Ketu – Clump of a tree or bush Mars and Saturn – Thorny trees, Jupiter – Fruit bearing trees. Mercury – Fruitless trees.

The trees which blossom and which supply some kind of juice belong to the Moon and Venus. The trees which are juiceless or weak come under the jurisdiction of Saturn. Saal trees are ruled by Rahu.

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