Definitions and Characteristic of the Planets – Part 3

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21-22. In these verses has been described the friendship, enmity and neutrality of the various planets to each other. This is summarized in the table

given below:

23. Planets are mutually friendly for the time being when they occupy the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses from one another. (This means that planets occupying the 1st, 5th, 6th 7th, 8th, and 9th from one another are mutually inimical). After taking into account the natural friendship and enmity, it should be deduced whether they are friendly, very friendly, neutral, inimical and very inimical to one another.

Note — ApartApart from the neutral or natural friendship and enmity amongst the planets, account is taken of the for the time being (Tatkalik) enmity and friendship amongst the planets as posited in a particular birth chart. The planets posited in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th from a particular planet are his friends for the time being. The 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th from him become his enemies for the time being. After taking into account the natural relationship, we come to know what their actual relationship is in a particular birth chart. This is done in the following manner :

1. Natural friend(Naisargik mitra)+ Temporary friend(Tatkalik Mitra)= Best friend(Adhimitra)

2. Natural friend(Naisargik Mitra)+ Temporary enemy(Tatkalik Shatru= Neutral(Sama)

3. Natural enemy(Naisargik Shatru)+ Temporary enemy(Tatakalik Shatru)= Bitter enemy(Adhishatru)

4. Natural enemy(Naisargik Shatru)+ Temporary friend(Tatkalik Mitra)= Neutral(Sama)

5. Natural neutral(Naisargik Sama)+ (Temporary Friend(Tatkalik Mitra)= Friend (Mitra)

6. Natural neutral(Naisargik Sama)+ Temporary enemy(Tatkalik Shatru)= Enemy(Shatru)

All planets cast a quarter glance at the 3rd and 10th houses, half a glance at the 5th and 9th houses, three-quarters of a glance at the 4th and 8th houses and full glance at the 7th house. However, the aspects of Saturn on the 3rd and 10th houses from him, of Jupiter on the 5th and 9th houses from him and of Mars on the 4th and 8th houses are also treated as full aspects.

24. The following table shows the periods, castes, gunas (Satwa, Rajas, and Tamas) and the seasons governed by the various planets according to this verse.

Planet       Period              Caste               Guna          Season

Sun           Half a year      Kshatriya         Satwik         Grishma

Moon       2 Ghatikas       Vaishya           Satwlk         Varsha

Mars        One day           Kshatriya         Tamsik        Grishma

Mercury   2 months         Sudra               Rajsik         Sharad

Jupiter     1 month           Brahmin           Satwik        Hemanta

Venus      15 days           Brahmin           Rajsik         Vasanta

Saturn      One year         Outcaste          Tamsik        Shishir

25. The Sun is signiflcator of father if the birth is during the day time and uncle if the birth is during night time. He has special influence on the right eye. 

The Moon is the indicator of mother if the birth is during night time and of maternal aunt if the birth is during day time. She has special influence on the left eye.

Mars is the signiflcator of younger brother. Mercury signifies adopted son.

Jupiter represents elder brother.

Venus is the signiflcator of mother if the birth is during day time and of maternal aunt if the birth takes place at night.

Saturn represents the uncle if the birth takes place during the day and of father if the birth is during night time.

26. The Sun represents the soul and the Moon the body. Mars and the other

four planets denote the five senses. The Sun and Mars govern Teja and have influence over eye sight. The Moon and Venus rule over the generative organs because they govern the watery element. Mercury governs smell (nose). Jupiter governs sound (the capacity to hear). Saturn, Rahu and Ketu govern the touch.  

Rahu, Ketu and Gulik are enemies of the Sun and will cause distress to the body and the soul.

27. The waning Moon, the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are classified as malefic planets. Mercury if associated with them becomes malefic.

Notes — The waxing Moon and Mercury not associated with malefics will be treated as benefic.

Mercury, Ketu and Saturn are eunuchs. The Moon, Rahu and Venus are females. The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are males. The Sun belongs to the fiery

element and his ruling deity is Rudra. The Moon belongs to the watery element and her ruling deity is Amba (Parvati). The ruling deities of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter,  Venus, Saturn Rahu and Ketu are Kartika, Vishnu, Brahma, Lakshmi and Yama. Serpent Adhishesha and Braham respectively.

Fire, water, fire, earth, ether, water and air are the constituents respectively of the planets from Sun to Saturn.

28. The grains ruled by various planets are as under :—

Sun – Wheat, Moon – rice, Mars – Dhal, Mercury – Green Gram, Jupiter – Bengal gram, Venus – Cow gram, Saturn – Sesamum, Rahu – Black gram, and Ketu – horse gram.

The countries related to the various planets are —

Sun           Kalinga

Moon       Yavana

Mars         Avanti

Mercury   Magadha

Jupiter     Sindhu

Venus     Keekata

Saturn     Saurashtra

Rahu       Ambara

Ketu       Parvata

29. The gems allotted to the various planets are as under – Sun – Ruby, Moon – Pure spotless pearl. Mars – Coral, Mercury – Emerald shaped like Garuda, Jupiter – Yellow sapphire, Venus – Diamond, Saturn – stainless Sapphire, Rahu – Gomedha and Ketu – Cat’s eye.

Notes — The purpose of indicating the gems ruled by the various planets is to use them for alleviating the miseries caused by their malevolence and to

accelerate their good effects. For fuller details in this regard refer to our book “Gems and Astrology” published by Rajan Publications.


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