Definitions and Characteristic of the Planets – Part 2

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10. Mars has lean waist. His hair is curly and bright. There is cruelty (fierceness) in his look. He has a cruel nature and is bilious. He is dressed in red

clothes and his body has a red hue. He is wrathful but exceedingly generous. He looks youthful and has jurisdiction over marrow in the body.

Notes — Mars is said to be youthful in appearance. The implication of this is if Mars is strong in the Ascendant or as lord of the Ascendant, the native will have a youthful appearance even if he is older in age.

11. Mercury is green like Durva (a kind of grass). There is mixture of wind, bile and phlegm in his composition. His body is full of veins. He is soft-spoken by nature. He has a balanced built (that is, his limbs are in even proportion). He is fond of fun and frolic. He governs the skin.

12. Jupiter has a body with a yellowish hue. His eyes and hair are brown. His chest is firm and elevated. He has a huge body. Phlegm is predominant in his composition. He is very intelligent. His voice is like that of a lion or the sound of a conch. He is always after wealth (Jupiter has therefore been considered as signiflcator of wealth).

13. Venus is dressed in clothes of various colors. He possesses curly hair. He has a huge body with similar limbs. Phlegm and wind are predominant in his composition. His body is of the color of Durva sprout. He has a very beautiful appearance. He has broad eyes. He has well maintained his virile power (Venus has jurisdiction over semen in the body).

14. Saturn is lame. His eyes are deepset. He has a large but lean body full of veins. He is lazy by nature. The color of his body is black. There is predominance of wind in his composition. He is hard hearted and backbiter. He is dull-headed. His teeth and nails are large. His hair and limbs are stiff. He is impure. He has a fierce appearance and is ill tempered by nature. He is dressed in black clothes. He looks old.

15. The places governed by the Sun are a Shiva temple, open spaces, places where there is light, regions where there is no water and the Eastern quarter. The Moon has jurisdiction over the temple of Goddess Durga, places inhabited by women, places where water, medicinal herbs, honey and wine are available and the North-Western quarter.

The places concerned with Mars are the battle field, those where there is fire, those inhabited by thieves and low people and the Southern quarter.

The governance of Mercury extends to places where there is a temple of Lord Vishnu, those frequented by men of learning, those of recreation, those where Mathematics is practiced and the Northern quarter.

16. Jupiter has jurisdiction over treasury, peepal trees, places, inhabited by gods and Brahmins, and the North-Eastern quarter. The places coming under the administration of Venus are abodes of courtesans, the harem, bed rooms, dining halls, and the South-Eastern quarter. Saturn rules over places inhabited by low class people, temple of Shasta (a deity), those which are full of filth and the Western quarter.

The places belonging to Rahu and Ketu are the ant-hills, the dark holes of serpents and the South-Western quarter.

17-20. A worshipper of Lord Shiva, a physician (Vaidya), a king, one who performs yajna, a minister, tiger, deer and chako (the ruddy goose) are the

significations of the Sun.

The Moon rules over worship of Shasta (a deity) females, a washerman, a cultivator, an animal living in water, a hare, an antelope crane, birds known as Bagula and Chakor.

Mars has jurisdiction over a cook (in the kitchen), an armed person, a goldsmith, a ram, a cock, a jackal, a monkey, a vulture and a thief.

Mercury is concerned with a milkman, a person of learning, an artisan, an expert accountant, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, Garuda, a Chataka, a parrot and a cat.

An astrologer, a minister, a Brahmin, a preceptor, a sanyasi, and important personage, a pigeon, a horse and swan belong to Jupiter.

A wealthy man, a songster, a Vaishya (businessman), a sensualist, a dancer, a weaver, a prostitute, a peacock, a cow, a buffaloe and a parrot are represented by Venus.

Saturn has influence over a seller or buyer of oil. servant, a mean person, a hunter, a blacksmith, an elephant, a crow and a cuckoo.

A Buddhist, a snake catcher, a donkey, a wolf, a camel, a serpent or snake, mosquitoes, a bug, insects, an owl and a place of darkness are signified by Rahu and Ketu.


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