Effect of Debilitated Sun for Various Ascendent

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Debilitated Sun various houses astrology

Debilitated Sun for  Various Ascendent: 

In vedic astrology Sun is that the the ultimate power. without Sun nothing will exist. If Sun dies we tend to all dies. there’s no light-weight while not Sun. the full universe illuminate because of daylight. Sun is Shiva Sakti that we tend to area unit longing for. we tend to all have Sun at intervals ourselves so we tend to all need to shine. Sun is that the father, power, authority, soul, confidence, and health, vitality, and career. Sun purify the impurities of self by burning the acutely aware. What if Sun has no power or debilitated in your chart. What reasonably drawback you face in your life. generally debilitated Sun makes person dominating, drawback with power and lack in confidence, face drawback in relationship with father. therefore what area unit the result of debilitated Sun for various ascendant.

Effect of Debilitated Sun for  Various Ascendent
Effect of Debilitated Sun for Various Ascendent

Effect of Debilitated Sun for various Ascendent – Astrology

Debilitated Sun for Aries Ascendant/ Mesha Lagna: For aries lagna planet Sun debilitated in seventh house and it rule fifth house. fifth is Dharmic house represents past life credits, kids and intelligence. For Aries rising Sun debilitation makes weak in dealing in relationship with others generally, specific in future relationship. Relationship makes their intelligence, independent and inventive nature vulnerable and that they compromise that onerous for them. they have to learn to balance their inventive desires with those of partner so as for the soul to growth. Effect of Debilitated Jupiter for Various Ascendent

Debilitated Sun for Taurus Ascendant/ Rishaba Lagna: For Taurus lagna planet Sun debilitated in sixth house and it rule fourth house. fourth house represents home and inner peace. For Taurus rising Sun debilitation shows discord in family that results in emotional turmoil and that they area unit unable to face it. Sun debilitation in sixth house shows several argument, domestic issues, and stress because of their stubborn nature. they’re unable to compromise because of their emotions. they’re weak to vary that is because of their own redundant emotional weakness. they have to learn to discarding things and ponder so as to their soul growth. Effect of Debilitated Mars for Various Ascendent

Debilitated Sun for Gemini Ascendant/ Mithuna lagna: For gemini lagna planet Sun debilitated in fifth house and it rule third house. third house represent self-interest, courageousness and siblings. For Gemini rising Sun debilitation harms their overall growth, creativity, kids and Hindu deity by following too several things in an exceedingly self-interested manner. They lack enthusiasm and weak in vitality. they need weak health nervous system and that they simply stressed because of handling siblings, neighbors and relatives. They suffer in their studies because of their redundant stimulating interest. they have to learn to specialize in their studies and spirituality and kids for his or her soul growth.Effect of Debilitated Venus in Different Houses

Debilitated Sun for Cancer Ascendant/ Kataka lagna: For cancer lagna planet Sun debilitated in fourth house and it rule 2d house. 2d house represent face, food, price system and wealth. For Cancer rising Sun debilitation makes them hurt to their values and shallowness once their life course and motivations area unit too subjective to vary. Sun debilitation in fourth house makes these individuals to seek out emotional peace through their possession and values. the protection they’re trying is collapse in their own fears, insecurity and in incapacitating emotions. they have to learn to not too possessive for his or her things and to share their natural sensitivity and strength with others to grow in life.

Debilitated Sun for Leo Ascendant/ Simha lagna: For leo lagna planet Sun debilitated in third house and it rule first house (Ascendant). first home is dharmic house and represent identity and overall general health. For Leo rising Sun debilitation shows their over dominating, pushy, and egocentric nature on others in froward manner. They feel weak before of others and to beat this weakness they struggle to manage in harsh manner. Sub debilitated in third house additionally ruin their relationship with siblings, peers, and neighbors. They lack in vitality and once they behave in an exceedingly tyrant manner. they have to learn to be generous and protecting towards others so as to their soul growth.  Planet exaltation and debilitation Vedic Adtrology

Debilitated Sun for Virgo Ascendant/ Kanya lagna: For virgo lagna planet Sun debilitated in 2d house and it rule twelfth house. twelfth is house represent isolation, subconscious, dreams, sleep, loss and liberation from life. For Virgo rising Sun debilitation their wealth, shallowness and price system. because of their materialistic nature they’re unable to thrive in isolation instead they struggle to over happen their lives and looking out for external values that they lack at intervals them. They face several up and down and expense because of their lack in knowledge of life. they have to learn to measure in isolation and musing and will strive look on the far side materialistic life.

Debilitated Sun for Libra Ascendant/ Thula lagna: For libra lagna planet Sun debilitated in first house (ascendant) and it rule eleventh house. eleventh house represent hopes, wishes, social circle and gains. For Libra rising Sun debilitation shows lack in personal power because of giving an excessive amount of importance to opinions of lots et al. generally. they like to lose themselves in their relationship to others instead of alone. Losing their identity for others produce} happy create problems in their health. they have to know that it’s terribly robust to create everybody happy. they have to learn to balanced and will create healthy relationship with individuals in order that they’ll be peaceful and grow in their life. Planets in different houses and their effects – Jupiter

Debilitated Sun for Scorpio Ascendant/ Vrischika lagna: For scorpio lagna planet Sun debilitated in twelfth house and it rule tenth house. tenth house represent career and name in life. For Scorpio rising Sun debilitation makes them lazy because of that they face and down at career place. Sun loses his power in twelfth house.
Sun as a natural significator of vitality and confidence, these individuals lose their vitality due an excessive amount of activity in materialistic pleasure and that they lost their confidence terribly simply. because of their up and down in career field they struggle to flee in low level worldly power to beat their Worse scenario. should|they need to|they have to} learn to active and not bask in an excessive amount of activity of enjoyment and must fight in career in order that they’ll had best.

Debilitated Sun for Sagittarius Ascendant/ Dhanu lagna: For sagittarius lagna planet Sun debilitated in eleventh house and it rule ninth house. ninth house represents fortune, higher knowledge and long distance traveling. For Sagittarius rising Sun debilitation hurt their non secular life once guided by the dogmatic belief of the lots of spirituality that leads these individuals beyond the deeper truth they’re seeking. they have to learn to believe their own higher knowledge is to hunt the reality with in their mind, through inquiry and discrimination not outside through the lots. they have to careful to not combine the approval others in their own belief system.

Debilitated Sun for Capricorn Ascendant/ Makara lagna: For capricorn lagna planet Sun debilitated in tenth house and it rule eighth house. eighth house represents secrets, investigation, others cash, fast up and down in life. For Capricorn Rising Sun debilitation not granted them transformation they request. The a lot of they feel accountable for their actions the a lot of they’re going to be overtaken by worry of unknown. A weak Sun can deny the breaks and changes that may force these individuals to look at their worry primarily based dominant behavior. These individuals area unit attentive to the facility of action and therefore the transformation from that they need to flee. they have to learn to remodel and have positive approach in changes that life brings to them. Exalted and Debilitated of planets vedic astrology

Debilitated Sun for Aquarius Ascendant/ Kumbha lagna: For aquarius lagna planet Sun debilitated in ninth house and it rule seventh house. seventh house represents spouse equivalent and others. For Aquarius rising Sun debilitation makes them an excessive amount of trusted their partners. They bank an excessive amount of on partners to be guru. they have to learn that real guru is at intervals themselves. they must not diffuse themselves into partners et al.. they have to find out about to appear larger image of life and check out to know that not partners isn’t everything. they must not an excessive amount of in relationship however attempt to request truth of life and live graciously.

Debilitated Sun for Pisces Ascendant/ Meena lagna: For pisces lagna planet Sun debilitated in eighth house and it rule sixth house. sixth house represents unpleasant things in life from that you don’t need to deal. Debt, conflict, enemy, illness etc. For Pisces rising Sun debilitation shows the chaos and turmoil once they aren’t able to handle a day, sensible work which will improve their lives. Being the mercy of tides of life makes them sick. The debilitation of Sun in eighth house for the sixth house makes their life a lot of miserable. they have to learn to act with discrimination and care in order that they’ll avoid mess of the life.

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