Female Horoscope in Vedic Astrology – Part 1

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1. Whatever effects have been declared for men, they are entirely appicable
to women too, or to their husbands. The woman’s prosperity and happiness have to
be deducted from the 8th house (from the Lagna or the Moon whichever is
stronger). Consideration of children should be made from the 9th house and
matters relating to her appearance, looks etc., should be examined from the Langa.
It is from the 7th house that her welfare (power of influencing the husband) and the
(nature of the husband) should be assessed, while her association with other men
and chastity should be assessed from an examination of the 4th house. Benefics in
these houses produce good results while malefics in the above houses are
productive of evil unless they happen to own the house in which the effect will be

Notes — This is a very important verse of this chapter. It will, therefore, be
useful for the readers to know what other authorities have said in this regard.

From the 8th house her widowhood can be deducted while the ascendant
deals with her physique, the 7th house with her husband’s good fortunes and the
5th house with her offspring.

Brihat Jataka
Of the effects that have been described till now in the case of male
horoscopes, all those that may be found in (female horoscope) suitable to females
should be declared as applicable to them alone; the rest should be ascribed to their
husbands. Hie death of the husband is to be declared through the 8th place (from
the Langa or the Moon whichever is stronger). Matters relating to her appearance,
beauty etc., should be determined from the Lagna and the sign occupied by the
Moon. It is from the 7th place (from the Lagna or the Moon whichever is stronger)
that her welfare (happiness) and the (nature of the husband) should be assertained.

Jataka Parijata
Whatever effect may accrue from the horoscope of female that is applicable
only to men, should be ascribed to the husband. The good and evil affecting their
person should be calculated from the Moon and the Lagna whichever of them is
stronger. It is from the 7th place from the Lagna or the Moon that all that is worthy
or unworthy in the husband should be ascertained and the death of the husband is
foretold through the 8th bhava (from the Lagna or the Moon). All this should be
well weighted by the strength or weakness of the planets, benefic and malefic,
before an announcement is made.

Of the Lagna and the Moon, find which is stronger. It is well reference to the
luck, beauty and strenght of women should be announced. Children and wealth in
abundance should be declared through the 9th bhava therefrom. Wedded happiness
or otherwise should be gathered from the 8th bhava; husband’s fortune from the
7th. Some astrologers opine that the well being or the reverse of the husband can
be determined from the 9th bhava.
Some hold that widowhood is found out through the 8th bhava. Beauty, fame
and fortune through the Lagna, the son through the 5th, ascertain as well exceeding
tranquility of women through the planets occupying the 9th bhava. All else
whether due to the bhavas or yogas are the same in regard to both men and women.

Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra
The physique of the woman should be ascertained from the Lagna, offspring
from the 5th, happiness of the husband from the 7th and widowhood from 6th.
Those effects which are not applicable to women should be ascertained to their

We would like to comment on two of the various matters described above.
(1) Whether the effects not applicable to women should be ascertained to
their husbands.
(2) From which house should we examine matters relating to children.
As regards (1) the time have now completely changed and women now
enjoy equal opportunities in all fields. Now women are holding high posts in the
scientific, engineering, financial and administrative spheres. We are, therefore, of
the view that the effects of Raja Yogas, Adhiyogas, etc., present in their horoscopes
should be aplicable to them and not to their husbands. They can apply to husbands
in case they are entirely dependent on them.

As regards (2) the most appropriate and logical house from which the matter
of children should be examined, is the 5th house and in this sphere no distinction
should be made between male’s and female’s horoscope. The view of Parasara as
given in the Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra should be treated as the most
authoritative. Birhat Jataka is silent about this which means that it makes no
differentiation between a male’s horoscope and female’s horoscope about this
matter. Saravali has followed the view expressed in Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra.

2. If in a female’s nativity both the Ascendant and the Moon are in even
signs and be aspected by benefics, the native will be blessed with good sons and
husband will be of good character and will wear ornaments. She will be prosperous
and will possess praiseworthy qualities. If, however, both the Ascendant and the
Moon be in odd signs and be aspected by malefics, the woman concerned will be
masculine in bearing, of wicked disposition, beyond the control of the husband,
insincere, wrathful and poor.

3. If the 7th house or the setting navamsa be owned by a benefic, the woman
born will be blessed with a husband who will be handsome, well reputed, learned
and wealthy. If it be otherwise, the husband will be deformed, stupid, deceitful and
poor and the native will be separated from her husband. If Mars be posited there,
she will become a widow, both benefics and malefics occupy the 7th house, she
will remarry. If there be a malefic or malefics in the 8th house, she will get a
shortlived husband. If the 2nd house is occupied by malefics, the native dies with
her husband.
Note-it is believed that if the mischief of Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and the
Sun be similar in the horoscopes of both husband and wife, they are not harmed in
any way.

4. If in a female’s nativity, the Moon is in Taurus, Leo, Virgo or Scorpio
identical with the 5th house, the native will have a limited number of Issues. If the
7th house or the setting navamsa belongs to Saturn, Mars or the Sun, the native
will have a diseased sexual organ. If the 4th house be occupied by malefic planets,
the native will be unchaste.
If the Ascendant, “the Moon and Venus beta a sign or navamsa of Saturn or
Mars, the native will become a prostitute.


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