Diseases, Death, Past and Future births prediction in Vedic Astrology – Part 2

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12. I now proceed to explain the manner in which a person meets with his
death and the cause of the same.
The death is caused through the diseases caused by the strongest of the
planets occupying or aspecting the 8th house.
If there be no planet occupying or aspecting the 8th house, the death will be
caused by the diseases signified by the 8th house or those indicated by the house in
which the lord of the 8th house is placed.
If any of the planetary disposition do not exist, it may be declared with
certainty that death will be caused by the diseases caused by the lord of the 8th
house, or by the lord of the 22nd decanate (counted from the Lagna decanate).

13. When the 8th house is occupied or aspected by a planet, death should be
declared to be caused by diseases relating to that planet. When there are no planets
occupying or aspecting the 8th house, death is caused through diseases arising
from the nature of the sign representing the 8th house.

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14-15. The diseases or means through which death is caused by the various
planets are as under :—
(1) The Sun — fire, high fever, bile or weapon
(2) The Moon — Cholera, watery diseases or pulmonary disease
(3) Mars — fire, magical spells, witchcraft and weapons.
(4) Mercury—Anaemia, bloodlessness, and similar diseases and giddiness.
(5) Juipter — Causes death without much trouble or through phelgm.
(6) Venus — Venefal diseases or similar ones caused by association with
(7) Saturn — Wind diseases or a dangerous fever like typhoid.
(8) Rahu — Leprosy, food poisoning, venomous bites, smallpox and the
(9) Ketu — Unnatural death like suicide, assassination as a result of hatred
of enemies or through worms etc.

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16. The death should be predicted through the evil effect arising from the 8th
house reckoned from the Lagna or through the evil effect of the sign representing
Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 8th house.

17-19. The diseases caused by the planets have already been described
earlier. Now are detailed the diseases and troubles caused by the various signs
which may ultimately become the media of death of the native.
(1) Aries — fever due to excess of bile, diseases caused by heat like stroke
etc., liver or gastric trouble.
(2) Taurus — Diseases caused by the imbalance of the three humours bile,
phlegm and wind, injury by weapon or fire.
(3) Gemini — Catarrah, asthema, or sharp pain such as colic.
(4) Cancer — Insanity, windy diseases, loss of appetite etc.
(5) Leo — fatal injuries caused by wild animals, fever, boils, enemies.
(6) Virgo — Troubles caused by women, veneial diseases, fall from a height.
(7) Libra — Brain fever and typhod.
(8) Scorpio — Diseases of the spleen, dyspepsia and jaundice.
(9) Sagittarius — Injury caused by fall from a tree (or by tree falling of or
(10) Capricorn— Stomach-ache, loss or appetite or aberation of mind etc.
(11) Aquarius — cough, fever, consumption etc.
(12) Pisces — Watery diseases such as Jalodara, drowning, etc.

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20. If the lord of the 8th house be a malefic and 8th house be a malefic the
death will be by weapon, fire, tiger or snake.
If two malefics posited in kendras aspect each other, the death will be due to
displeasure of the king, through a weapon, poison or fire.

21. If In any nativity, the lord of the 12th house be In a sign or Navamsa of a
benefic or be associated with a benefic or the 12th house be occupied and owned
by a benefic, the native will meet with his death without any anguish or suffering.
The death will be painful if the lord of the 12th be posited in the sign or Navamsa
of a malefic and be associated with a malefic, or the 12th may’be occupied or
owned by a malefic.

22. If the lord of 12th house be posited in his sign of exaltation, a friendly
sign or a varga of a benefic planet or be associated with a benefic planet, the native
after his death goes upwards to heaven. If he is posited in his sigh of debilition, in
an inimical sign or in the varga of a malefic planet, he after his death goes to hell.
Some interpret this as a result of the native of the sign (of the 12th house) i.e.
heaven if the sign is a shirshodaya one and hell if it be a prishtodaya one.
Notes – Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius are Shirshodaya signs.
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn are Prishtodaya signs. Pisces is an
Ubhayodaya sign.

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23. The refuge after death is indicated by (1) the planet or planets posited in
the 12th house, (2) the planet occupying the Navamsa of the 12th house, or the
palnet or planets with which the lord of the 12th be connected.
If the Sun or the Moon be such planet the abode of the soul after death will
be Kailash. If Mars be the planet concerned, the native takes birth on the Earth
immediately after death. If Mercury be the planet In question, the next world for
the native will be Vaikuntha. Jupiter takes the native’s soul to Brahmaloka, Saturn
to the abode of Yama, Rahu to other islands and Ketu to hell.

24. It is from the lord of the 9th that all is ascertained about the native’s past
birth and all information about his future birth is signified by the lord of the 5th
house. The particular caste, country and the direction of the person concerned in
his past and future births should be deduced from the lords of the 9th and the 5th
houses respectively.

25. If the planets referred to above be in their sign of exaltation, the abode
should be declared as that of Gods (Devaloka). If they be in their sign of
debilitation or in an inimical sign, the abodes of past and future birth should be
declared to be foreign islands. If the above patents be in their own sign, friend’s
sign or a neutral’s sign, such place would be India alone.



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