Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 – 2020 Report Libra Sign

Libra Sign detailed report of Rahu Transit to Gemini and Ketu transit to Sagittarius Signs

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Rahu Transit to your 9th House

Rahu’s transit in to Gemini the 9th house from your Moon Sign is considered significantly a good placement. Rahu is said to bestow some good changes in your life in the coming days. You would receive surprise gifts and good wishes during this time frame. During this time frame you would like to have some fruitful long journey.

Libra sign native would gain both movable and immovable assets during this span of time. You shouldn’t inflict trust in the words of unknown people without performing your own ground work on certain important matters. You would be back at your blitzkrieg best in performing your duties next to none in the professional front. There would be chances arising where some of you could shift your base to another city or move over to another place for living. Overall you could make this transit to work in your favour with sheer brilliance.  Venus and Rahu in your Birth Chart

This time indicates possibility of travel to foreign country for you. You may also get some professional assignments and have to work in abroad with foreign entities. During this period you will be career oriented and ready to catch all coming opportunities. You will perform your tasks with full of progressive forces and to work effectively this time around. Rahu in different houses vedic astrology

You are to be remaining in a healthy financial position. And earn good amount of money during this period. Secrets of your all success are your communication and negotiation skills. You know how and when have to take which action, you always wait for right time to retaliate and give perfect answers to others.  But you may be suffered from health issue related to respiratory system needs to be treated with due remedial measure promptly, to save from further complications. You shouldn’t be careless and take proper medication. Jupiter transit 2018 effect on Libra sign

A visit to a far away pace highly revered religious place is to have a positive effect on your psyche. If you spiritually inclined now seems supportive time to follow your interest and act accordingly. SATURN TRANSIT 2017 – 2020 FOR LIBRA SIGN

Ketu Transit to your 3rd House

Ketu’s transit in Sagittarius, the 3rd House from your Moon sign would also offer good results. This is the perfect period where you need to cast in all your efforts irrespective of the results you obtain. You would be defending yourself in your pursuits with your mind and not with shoulder power. This is the best time for doing future planning for you and your family.  Effects of the Antardashas in the Mahdasha of Ketu

Ketu’s presence in your 3rd house would sometimes slow down your communication and negotiation skills; you would have to put your best efforts to improve them. Libra sign won’t have to deliver harsh statements to others. You would be least interested in interacting unnecessarily with your peers at office and family members at home.  Ketu in different houses astrology

Silence might sneak in to your life for a few days. Instead, you would be interested to hear a lot from near and dear ones. You should maintain a cordial relationship with younger siblings. There are chances for getting minor misunderstandings between you and them. This is the time when you might get irritated with their words or actions.  Different Types & Formations of KALASARPA YOGA

Ketu will depict you with comfort, courage and strength. The transition of Ketu in this house will be auspicious for you. You will get favourable results from different sources. There are chances of an awaiting promotion within your workplace.

In case you get a good opportunity, you might end up switching jobs. You will be financially benefited. Source of income will increase, hence adding to your bank balance. Your subordinates will give you support. Your way of speaking will majorly affect everyone around you during this period. You’ll be able to impress others with this skill.  Astrology reasons for delay in marriage

Short trips will be beneficial for you. You’ll feel more courageous and easily overcome any challenge thrown at you. You might end up planning a trip overseas.  kalasarpa dosha in Vedic Astrology

You will be career oriented and can get good opportunities to affect change to have better paying employment. However, you should keep an eye on unwarranted expenses and remain concerned about saving money for future needs. It’s a very good time to buy a new property to live or for investment purpose.

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