Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 – 2020 Report Taurus Sign

Taurus Sign detailed report of Rahu Transit to Gemini and Ketu transit to Sagittarius Signs

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Rahu will Transit to your 2nd House

The transit of Rahu in to the 2nd house from your Moon sign would offer fair results, but misunderstandings and clashes of thoughts between family members shall become common. There might be a sense of unusual turbulence felt at home amidst family members. You should think twice before delivering your words, curb down on lengthy conversations as you may not have control over words that you utter, especially during the presence of Rahu in the 2nd house.

During this time you should also have an eye over your bank balances. Try to avoid unnecessary expenditure else you may find yourself in debt trap. This is perfect time to start saving money for your future needs. You shouldn’t get involved in transactions pertaining to unknown sources or foreign people. This is the time where you would be forced to spend a lot of money. You need to cut down your expenses for the sake of your own needs in the years to come. Jupiter transit 2018 Taurus sign

During this transit of Rahu you may be addicted of alcohol, tobacco, or any other type of addiction. It may lead to you towards ill health and wastage of money. I would like to suggest you to go to any rehabilitation centre and try to divert your mind in some creative activities like reading, writing, involve yourself in family get together and try to mix up with activities happening surrounding you. You may face some stomach and gastric problems throughout this transit. I would recommend you to drink clean water in plenty of quantity and don’t be care less if you feel any such problem you should go to doctor immediately for proper treatment. Birth Story of Rahu & Ketu   

You should try to avoid utter hard words which hurt others. People would try to leg pulling and back biting behind you. But they won’t be succeeded. You may have to borrow some money during the month of Decmeber’19 – January’20. You should avoid such situations and try not to borrow money from others. Your enemies will try to create problems for you, they could have got success sometimes but ultimately you will overcome all your problems and shine as a winner. Your brain would be very active this time and you will get many ideas to make money by shortcuts but think twice before go ahead on any such short cut process to earn money. Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Taurus Sign

Long journeys are expected due to your professional commitments, but most of them would waste of time and money. You may also come in connection with foreigners and foreign entities in personal and professional both level. If you are in leather and chemical business this transit could be a turning point for you career, your all previous losses may be recovered and you will start making profits. There are huge chances you could change your profession and choose a new line as your career. Rahu brings so many changes of native’s life some of them are good for them.   Rahu in different houses vedic astrology     

Ketu will Transit to your 8th House

Ketu’s will transit into the 8th house from your Moon sign could give you mental turbulence. You would experience a new professional environment. You shouldn’t get involved yourself in unnecessary discussions or controversial remarks upon others in their absence. Native of  Taurus sign will get a good philosophical knowledge and understanding upon unconventional subjects during this transit of Ketu to the 8th house from your Moon sign. You would be very philosophical and spiritual during interaction with individuals. kalasarpa dosha in Vedic Astrology

You would also receive some sudden gains in the form of knowledge and advice which would become an integral part of your life for the future. You would be surprised about the transformation you have acquired during this time frame. Taurus Sign people may experience a new world before you which is totally new for you and will get many surprises.

During this transit of Ketu you would feel yourself liberal, out of every type of bondage. You will know how to overcome from slavery of desires and senses because to will get to know such things are not for long term. You will found yourself very close to your ultimate goal. During second phase of transit intensity of this feeling would be at top. You would always found yourself in different world and feel very different from others. Different Types & Formations of KALASARPA YOGA  

You should be very careful and never trust easily on others as they might be try to be your friend before you but actually they are your enemy, it’s quite possible they may take revenge from you by giving you poison or any other toxins. First half of this time is very crucial for you, you should be very careful during this one and half year of duration. You may also face some troublesome situations and bear emotional and financial losses. Your partner may be very high demanding and in term of money and physical intimacy and you will be find yourself on high stress in relationships. Ketu in different houses astrology

Your financial status and condition would be strong if you have good and strong Mars in your horoscope. If your career is in the field of law, risk management, insurance, spy or any other secret services you may expect some surprising positive news related to your profession. As already mentioned by me many times, the eighth house of a horoscope is a very special house and the placement of a benefic planet in this house of a horoscope can bless the concerned native with good results from many spheres of his life, depending on the overall tone of his horoscope. Astrology reasons for delay in marriage or break up in marriage

I don’t see and serious health issue if Ketu is alone in your horoscope but if it is accompanied by malefic may be create serious issue for you and it may take some more time than normally it should take.   

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