Suicide in Vedic Astrology

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Why a person commits suicide ? Exact when a person commits suicide ?

I have studied some 14 charts of suicide and found some patterns in their charts. We will discuss today.

  1. Either Lagna OR Moon OR 8th house was hemmed between 2 malefic planets.
  2. Rahu or Ketu was either in Lagna OR with Lagnesh OR with Moon OR in 8th house OR with 8th lord.
  3. Mars and Saturn were in conjunction or in opposition to create courage and strong determination.
  4. Lagnesh was in 8th house or 8th lord was in Lagna or Lagnesh and 8th lord both were either in conjunction or in opposition.

All above 4 rules are must for the suicidal tendency and death.

Vedic Yogas

Now let us discuss when a person commits suicide ?

1.Saturn is the main planet of death and without the signature of Saturn death warrant is not issued.

  1. Lord of Badhak house has all powers to kill the person.

(For Aries Cancer Libra and Capricorn Lagna 11th lord is killer. For Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius 9th lord is killer. For Gemini Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces 7th lord is very strong killer )

Now I have checked all suicide cases and one thing is found that Unique Bhriguchakara System is best working to decide the death year.

We have already explained this system in past posts. Note in which house Saturn and 11th lord are seated in the chart. Those both houses have killing energy. Color Astrology

We have to move one house ahead on birthdate. So on completion of one year, next house is activated. When the house where Saturn (or Lord of Badhak house is seated) is activated, the death is following that person to kill him in that year (subject to above mentioned 4 rules are present in the chart.)

Now on what day the person will commit suicide ?

Note the degree of Saturn, lord of Badhak house, Rahu and Ketu.
The day on which Sun (or Lagna point in progress ) touches that degree or exact in opposition to that degree, the person suddenly takes the decision to hang himself or to jump in water or to burn himself or to throw himself on Railway track. Killing planets takes the control of his mind on that date due to some past KARMIC reason.

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