Saturn Transit 2020 to 2023 for Taurus (Sani Peyarchi Palan 2020 for Rishabha Rasi)

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Saturn’s transit effects for Taurus Sign

Physical and Mental Health

Saturn is lord of 9th the 10th house of Taurus sign natives and will be visiting the 9th house during it’s transiting period of 30 months. Saturn rules over attitudes, beliefs, and adventure sector in your horoscope, and with Saturn in Capricorn, it arrives back in its “home”. This transit is about critical attention to and the firming up of your knowledge, belief systems, training, and legal issues. Self-improvement is what this Saturn cycle is about in your life. You are developing your ideals and your commitments as transiting Saturn makes its way through your ninth house.

You May suffer from chronic back and waist pain and your weight may increase due to unhealthy and un regular eating habits. This transit may give you some mental tiredness and you will lose peace of mind and calmness.

Wealth and Finance

This transit will bring some challenges in your finances. You need to maintain proper balance between income and expenses. You should think twice before making any new investment. You should avoid making new investments for the time being. During 2nd half of this transit your finances will start getting improved and by end of this transit your will be in very good position. You should avoid previous mistakes and don’t do take any decision in hurry.  

Vedic Yogas

Career and Profession

You may have some new opportunities in your profession as well as in your business. During first 12 months of this 30 months transit you will be good during this period you will get some very good opportunities in your work place. You may also get in touch with some old friend as well as old colleague who will help you to explore new opportunities and you will be able to materialize them. Mid phase of this transit will bring some hurdles and problems. But tis phase will teach you some new lessons, which will help give you some best teachings of your life. Number 5 Career and Profession

You should stay away from any altercations with anyone and try to maintain work-life balance. The period between June and October might bring new opportunities in your profession. There can be important accomplishments for the persons who are in publishing or educational profession.

Spouse and Family

Your family members will not listen each other’s. they will try to explore things their own way. Hard chatting and arguments are also possible in some occasions during this transit period of Saturn. Your parents will enjoy good time with family. You will enjoy some very joyful moments with your family which will energize your soul as well as your body.   

Your relationship with your spouse is going to be as sweet as honey. Both of you understands each other’s feelings and tuning between you is at best this time. Your life seems more stable during this time period, likely because you are able to look at yourself in a realistic and reasonable manner, and because you are less vulnerable to self-delusion.

Saturn Transit 2020

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