Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 – 2020 Report Aquarius Sign

Aquarius Sign detailed report of Rahu Transit to Gemini and Ketu transit to Sagittarius Signs

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Rahu Transit to your 5th House

Transit of Rahu to Gemini sign, the 5th house from your Moon sign is considered to be a pretty good placement. You would enjoy good relationship with everyone at home and outside. People would like to have a good rapport with you. Your will maintain good reputation and image among your friends and family as well as in society. Other will take your advice in their professional and personal matters; your advice would be very genuine and useful for them.

You will maintain good relations with your siblings, but some improvements are still needed. No one is perfect in his life some room for improvements are always remains. You have earlier proven yourself a good student. Jupiter transit 2018 Aquarius sign

You would be successful in speculation and trading. There are good chances to earn good amount of money from share trading and lottery. Your luck will work for you. You will get taste of success with very little efforts. Native who are associated with business, commerce and trading aspects are set to experience gains and smooth sailing in their profession during this transit period of Rahu in your 5th house. You would be lucky in your overall endeavours. Effects of Sub-periods or antardashas of all planets under Rahu mahadasha

You should learn to control your emotions and curtail expectations. You shouldn’t let others know what is going inside you. You need not to over-enthusiastic; sometimes people take wrong decisions in over excitement. I am not seeing any troubles to experience, a cause of concern over future endeavours and planning might worry you a bit, you need to be little bit more patience and think carefully about its impact on your future before taking steps in your personal and professional life.

Your professional life would be good. You will get promotion and new responsibilities during this transit of Rahu. Workplace environment would be very supportive and helpful. You may have to shoulder some extra responsibilities and you will do best at this time. Businessman will also enjoy very fabulous time. They will be able to crack few big deals which will help them to move ahead their business and prestige in the market. SATURN TRANSIT 2017 ON EACH NAKSHATRAS     

Student doing graduation in science subject is to remain engrossed with studies and hence make encouraging progress. They have very good time ahead and their future is very bright. They shouldn’t lose their concentration from your study as there may be some occasion when they may be distracted towards other activities, this is the time when they need to be very careful and keep on doing well in their study.

You can meet someone special who will have very important place in your life. Single one is to be keen on shaping relationship with like minded person of opposite sex to enjoy pleasures of physical intimacy. Married couple will enjoy good moments with together and will spend very pleasing and joyful time. Their love will reach in new height during this period. 

Ketu Transit to your 11th House

Transit of Ketu to Sagittarius, the 11th house from your Moon sign is considered a good placement. Your involvement in spiritual and philosophical ideas would shape up better. Involvement in social and charitable activities shall offer you good satisfaction and give you big name and fame. During this transit, you could get philosophical words of advice and motivation from elders, grandparents and others at home and neighborhood. Ketu in different houses astrology

This time is to be seems very favourable for you. You will experience several happy moments during this time and succeed in your career. You will get new sources of income and will see handsome growth in earning during this transit.

Salaried person will get very good opportunities to move in a new company or get promoted in tour existing organization. Natives who are involved in service-oriented activities are set to get their due during this time frame. This movement can lead to sudden monetary gain for you at times. Different Types & Formations of KALASARPA YOGA  

It is good to keep calm and let your work do the talking. Business personal will also see good growth in their business activities. Your business will flourish, and you will come across opportunities to improve and add to the revenue. You will gain money from different sources.

You should take good care of your children’s health. They may suffer with some serious health issues. If you are a student, you may have to face difficulties in your studies. It might be face some obstacles to get admission into an institution for higher education. You will have lots of fun with friends. Your social circle will expand. Be attentive of seniors and focus on your work. What is KaalSarpa Yoga |kalasarpa dosha in Vedic Astrology

Some issue with your spouse one in a meaningful relation can put you in discomfort. You will have to do lots of stuffs to resolve issues. Your stars are telling that somehow you won’t be able to fulfill your responsibilities fairly. Handle this situation tactfully and also take care about sensibilities of the concerned person. You need to aim at preserving warmth and harmony in relationship.

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