2018 Financial Crisis and Water Problem in INDIA

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Financial Crisis in INDIA

( Today no cash in ATM’s. All are facing Cash crisis. Banks are in short receipt of currency from RBI today. Also banks are in trouble due to NPA accounts and frauds. In this present scenario I am repeating my previous post of December 2017. Read again )

Astrology Analysis for Financial crisis

Aquarius is the eleventh Sign in Natural Zodiac. Eleventh house is the significator of Finance, Business profit and turn over, flow of money in the market. Saturn is the lord of Aquarius and Jupiter is the significator of 2nd and 11th house in Natural Zodiac. More over Aquarius is the tenth Sign in Independence chart of India. Analysis of Karnataka Election

So Jupiter and Saturn are the main ruling planets for Money flow and financial stability in the Market. Aquarius is the Natural horoscope of Finance and economy !

To be very honest everybody is suffering from money crisis today except Polititions, Cricketers, Filmy Heroes and big Industrialist. I dont know why they are in crores !!!

At present Jupiter is in Libra squaring Rahu whereas Saturn in Sagittarius. When Mars will join Saturn, situation can be worsened from March April 2018. Also Jupiter will go retrograde in the month of March and so can create too much money crisis in the market and chaos in the countryAstrology analysis for Medical Line

Everybody is facing money problems. Jwellers, Builders, Financers, small industries.. all are in money crisis. Only hope is Jupiter in Scorpio from October 2018.

But before that I want to watch the transit of Mars in Capricorn from May 2018 to October 2018 as it will be in 12th house in Aquarius Ascndant. At the time of Demonetization also Mars was in Capricorn. Will BJP win in Karnataka election 2018?

Mars in Capricorn will be in opposition to natal Sun Saturn in the Independence chart of India, which may create great money crisis in India and PM shall have to take some positive steps to improve the economy between May to October 2018. What exactly will happen is unpredictable. Venus and Rahu in your Birth Chart

In short, in view of the transit of Jupiter and Rahu money crisis will be continued for longer time in India. Astrology Tips for Share Market

Ashwin Rawal 23.12.2017

( I would like to add today that Rahu in Cancer, the watery Sign can create too much WATER Problems in India. Also Mars with the combined effect of Ketu, will also aspect Cancer for continuous 7 months from 1st May to November. Rivers will be dry. No water in dams. I fear, the Rain will not satisfy the need of the people this year. Save Water ) 17.04.2018


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