Weekly Horoscope
Vrishabha Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
A sudden illness to an elderly person in the family might cause grief and uneasiness in the whole family. Pray for the best.
Sportsmen may not enjoy a favorable day today. They might not be able to perform to their fan's expectations.
A misunderstanding on the part of a senior official might ruin the day for those who are working in the field of technology.
Legal professionals will finally get a break today to refresh themselves from their busy schedule. A lunch or dinner with dear ones is advised.
Married couples need to avoid temper tantrums today. It could lead to worse situations and even lead to temporary separation.
Those who are single should be very happy today as their love signs are bright and they might meet their soul mate today.

Doctors are advised to take the day off from work today. They would be tired from the continuous working hours they have been putting in. They need to relax and rejuvenate themselves to avoid stress related problems.
A favorable day for those in the real estate business. Agents, brokers and builders may go ahead with any new property contract. Auspicious day to sign new deals.