Will Mr. Rahul Gandhi get relief from the High Court or the Supreme Court?

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Mr. Rahul Gandhi is born on 19 June 1970 at 2:28 pm in New Delhi.

He is born in Libra Ascendant and strong Jupiter is also placed on Ascendant point. Moon is in Kemdrum Yoga in the third house in Sagittarius.

Saturn is in debilitated sign in the 7th house of Lagna. Sun Mars are in the 7th house in Moon chart. This is the reason that he is not yet married. Past and Future Prediction 2022 2023 2024 by Ashwin Rawal

For the last seven and half years, his SadeSati was going on, that’s why he did not get any success till today, but from January 25 2023, he has come out of SadeSati period.

But the Axis of Rahu Ketu is still passing over his Sun and Moon till November 2023. This transit is very very hard for him. Relationship Breakups or Divorce in Vedic Astrology

This is the reason that On March 23, he has been sentenced 2 years Jail in one court case.

This is a big shock for him. Immediately after that he is suspended from his Parliament post.

If you look at the planetary position of March 23, Mars was moving degreecal over his Sun and Moon had touched his Saturn in Aries. Remedies in Vedic Astrology

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He has got 30 days time for Appeal. Planets keep on changing. It is not necessary that the planetary position which was on 23rd March should remain the same for 30 days.

On 22nd April, Jupiter is coming in Aries, which will aspect his Moon and will also aspect Lagna.

Mars will reach near to his natal Mars. Mars is the planet of victory. Sun will come in Aries and will be within the aspect of his natal Jupiter. When Ram Mandir will be constructed?

So as per my study on the upcoming planets, I believe that he will get relief from the High Court or the Supreme Court if he goes in Appeal.

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But Rahu and Ketu keeps him adamant and convince him to accept punishment now a days.

As per my study over his chart, he will go to highcourt or supreme court only on or after 11th April. Especially may be on 14th April. Kejriwal CM again? Delhi elections 2020

If he is going for appeal against this lower court orders, his punishment for 2 years will be reduced and he will get the post of Parliament again. So that he can contest the 2024 elections.

Whatever may be the final judgement, but I feel that he should get the post of parliament again. Let’s see what happens now.

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