Future of Jammu and Kashmir – Astrology Analysis

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26.10.1947 is the birthdate of Kashmir. Maharaja Harisinh signed the documents at 13.21 hours at Shrinagar and Jammu Kashmir was the part of India from this date.

So Capricorn is the Lagna of Kashmir. Saturn and Mars in 7th. Debilitated Sun with Mercury and Venus in 10th. Jupiter in the grip of Ketu in 11th and Rahu in 5th. Moon in Kemdruma yoga in 3rd aspected by Jupiter Ketu.

In the Independence chart Sun is at 28 degree Cancer. When Kashmir was given to India on 26.10.1947 Saturn in transit was exact 28 degree exact over natal Sun.

Negative in Jammu & Kashmir Birth Chart

The main negative point of this chart is Lord of Lagna in degreecal aspect of Ketu. Lagna in aspect of Rahu. Moon in aspect of Ketu. Lord of 3rd house (Neighbours) Jupiter also with Ketu. So Ketu and Rahu are dominating the state. Rahu Ketu means Muslim community.

The state was given to India by Maharaja Harisinh but Indian Govt gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir by article 370 of 17 November 1952 and thenafter it was ruled by Muslim leaders like a kingdom . This is the play of Ketu.

I have researched very deep on the chart of Independence with reference to political events in India. Independence chart of 15 August 1947 has Saturn and Pluto at 20 degree and Sun at 28 degree Cancer so there is a close connection between Sun and Saturn in 3rd house and midpoint between Sun and Saturn/Pluto i.e 24 degree Cancer is the most vital and vibrant degree.

Saturn Transit 2020

Planet Mars Jupiter and Saturn

So whenever Mars Jupiter and Saturn like planets comes at 20 to 24 degree in Cancer or Libra or Capricorn or Aries, always there is some big incident at political level.

  • When Pakistan attacked Kashmir and won POK area in October 1947 Mars was 20 degree Cancer.
  • Gandhiji was shot dead on 30 January 1950 when Jupiter was in Capricorn 20 degree and Saturn at 25 degree.
  • Jawaharlal died when Mars was at 21 degree Aries.
  • Lal Bahadur Shashtri died when Mars was 20 Capricorn and Saturn 21.
  • India Pakistan War in 1965 April when Saturn was 21.
  • India Pakistan War on 3 December 1971 and India won East Pakistan (Bangala Desh ) when Mars and Jupiter at 21 22 respectively.
  • India China War and China won the battle on 21 October 1962 when Mars was in transit Cancer 24.
  • Kargil war with Pakistan in 1999 when Saturn Aries 21 and Rahu Cancer 20.
  • Smt. Indira Gandhi was shot dead on 31 October 1984 when Saturn was at 24 Libra and Mars was also at 24 degree Sagittarius aspecting his 8th aspect on Cancer 24 degree.
  • Shri Narendra Modi won election and became PM of India in 2014 when Saturn was again in Libra 24
  • Narendra Modi again won the election and became PM of India in May end of 2019 Saturn and Rahu both were at 25 degree.
  • And last when article 370 was revoked in Parliament on 6th August 2019 Sun was 20 Cancer (exact on Independence chart natal Saturn Pluto), Mars 28 (exact on Independence chart natal Sun ) Jupiter 20 Scorpio blessings the natal Cancer 20 Saturn. Saturn Rahu both at 21 22 degree.

This is just not coincidence. Each and every incident in India has the control of planets from the sky and always with reference to Independence chart.

What will happen to Kashmir now ? When election ? What Pakistan’s will do now ? Is there any war now ? What is stored in Jammu and Kashmir chart ? Let us discuss now .

Vedic Yogas

What will happen to Kashmir now ?

From June 2018 Kashmir is under Mars mahadasha. The process to remove article 370 was started only after start of this dasha only. Article 370 was revoked in Mars Rahu dasha. See Mars is exalted in navamsha. Rahu is in aspect of Jupiter and also in 11th from Mars. Also Rahu is the ruling planet of India. Rahu is exalted in Gemini in 6th, the house of victory.

Mars Rahu period is running till 04.12.2019 and Rahu is in the 6th house so military control will be active in Kashmir and complete peace is not at all possible till this date. Then after Jupiter dasha will help to restore the situation in Kashmir.

To my view better days are only after 24 January 2020 when Saturn moves to Lagna and leaves Ketu. Saturn Ketu is notorious in 12th house. So terrorist activities from Pakistan can not be ruled out till 26 January 2020.

Mars will move to Libra on 10th November and will stay there till 25 December 2019. This is the period of election and full of tensions. Military should be more active in this period. This Mars will be in the 2nd house of shri Amit Shah since he has Sun in the second house so Mars will keep him in constant tensions.

So far Rahu is in 6th house in Kashmir chart and also Jupiter will be in Sagittarius from 5th November 2019 Govt will be able to control the situation whatever may be since Jupiter will be 10th from Moon and aspecting 4th house.

One more thing I would like to add here is article 370 was revoked in both the houses and president of India signed the bill at late night on 6th August 2019 so new Kashmir chart of 7th August 2019 at zero hours will be active and that is of Aries Lagna.

In this new chart Jupiter will be in 9th house from 5th November 2019 and Saturn will be in the 10th house opposing natal Sun Mars in Cancer from 24 January 2020. Rahu Dasha will be operating till January 2021 in this chart.


After studying this new chart along with old chart, my findings are as under.

  1. Election will be only after 10 November.
  2. Military control is must till 26 January 2020.
  3. Kashmiri Pandits and other community of Kashmir origin will be back to Kashmir only after September 2020.
  4. All development of hotels, hospitals and land purchasing etc will be possible only after September 2020 when Jupiter will be free from Ketu who is in Sagittarius now.

Of course, Rahu Dasha will sure support the Govt to restore peace in Kashmir and better days are sure ahead.

Whether any war with Pakistan in connection with Kashmir issue is possible ? This will be discussed sometime in next post with Pakistan chart.

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